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Could my day GET any better?

It's only 9 am and my day has been pretty awesome already.  I got up at 4:45 and got a TON of things done, which always makes me feel great. Then, I found out that I won a Progresso Soup giveaway from One Hundred in Twelve woo hoo! To top it off I listened to the Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast and they read my news in their blogger news segment. I feel a little bit like a celebrity. After last week this feels awesome! Yippee for a great week! Because I just know it is going to be one.

Don't forget to vote here for what my sis and I's t-shirts will say as part of our wager/challenges! We're considering extending that challenge for the t-shirts from 2 weeks to a month of who gets up by 4:45 and is productive the most times.

Off to go workout. I have big goals for this week. Planning to whoop up on sis with those workout minutes, big time.  And of course kicking the scale in gear would be good too.

Have a wonderful Monday!