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Fabulous Friends Friday--Open Mic

Because of my crazy week and my Dad getting hurt I didn't get ahold of the people I wanted to have for today's Fabulous Friends Friday, and next Friday I am planning to have a guest post for Fab Friend Friday...SO I am declaring a Fabulous Friends Friday Open Mic!

Everyone that blogs, in the comments, leave us a few sentences about you and your blog. Plus a link of course, so we can come see you. Come on, don't be shy.

If you are reading this blog, be sure to read the comments, that's what it's all about!

OK, say HI....


  1. Hi, I'm Steve...and I'm an alcoholic.

    Oh crap, wrong blog! :-P

    Anywho, I've already been featured on Fabulous Friends Friday (because Kat is awesome), but I run a spiffy little hackjob of a blog at Just trying to lose weight, get in shape, get some confidence, and trying to be as awesome as I can be.

    Have a great day, and great weekend.

  2. the mic on? hehe :)

    Hi Everyone! I'm Tj! :) I am a Weight Watcher's member, and I LOVE to cook! My weigh loss journey has been slow due to limited ability to exercise (bad back) but I keep going! My recent struggle has been to see myself as a "normal" sized woman after my whole life being plus sized. Stop by my blog, share your blog with me- let's cheer each other on! :)

  3. Well I will start! I am Kats sister! I am very new to blogging so I am sure I will bore many of you. I am not a writer or a speller... so for those of you who do write, feel free to giggle at the way I do spell. But what I am is a passionate mother of 4 and wife an amazing man who loves the Lord with my whole heart. My blog is pure vonda. Because I wear so many hats its my new place to just be uneddited me! I am an artist so that may come up often! I also enjoy training for triathalons so that may come up. But its new so only God knows. Check me out, I would love to get to know you!

  4. Yeah! Some of my favorites already. Sorry, sis, have comment moderation on, you weren't the first, hee hee.

  5. This is the only kind of Open Mic I can do because my singing most closely resembles a cat going through a wood chipper while being declawed and confronted with water.

    Hi everyone! I'm Laura. I write 100in12 -

    I think I don't have to do too much explaining - it's just me trying to lose 100 pounds in 12 months in the sassiest, whiniest, sometimes-dumbest way possible.

    Come say hi! I like new friends.

  6. HI LAURA! More sassy than whiney usually, lol. Check out her great blog!

  7. HI! I'm new here.

    My name is Connie and I'm a foodaholic. I'm currently on round 2 of the hCG protocol and I've lost over 20 pounds since December 24th. I'm a wife and mother and addicted to blogging. Soon....I'm going to be a fit Mommy.

  8. I never new sitting at my computer could be so fun! Its like hanging out with the girls and a few great guys! Its so nice to meet you all! I will try to stop by your blogs, but I am so new I am honestly not sure how to get there! Kat your a luck girl to have such amazing friends!

  9. You can copy and paste their site addresses from their posts. Yes, yes I am a lucky girl.

  10. Hi *waves*

    I'm Randi and I am currently kicking fat's ass! *he he*

    At least that is what I write about on my blog over at It's just me a 20-something mom,girlfriend,sister and friend writing about my ups and downs as try to lose about 120 lbs and make my way down fat's ladder. My blog is fairly new, I joined the fitness blogging community in November and I am always looking for new friends and supporters! So come on over and join in my Fat kicking party! (it's fun, I promise)

  11. Hi Randi! Love that black dress in your progress pic!

  12. I'm Greedy. I'm Hungry. But I exercise too. I have 4 spawns that I birthed and a husband that kinda hates healthy-ness.

    I am the Yum Yucky

    muawahahahahaha! <---sinister laugh?

  13. Wow, my Google Reader has gone un-readered for a couple of days...I'm just now reading about your dad!! I'm so sorry he went through that, but I'm glad he's going to be ok! :/

    I'm Kat (it's a friggin' awesome name) and I'm at, documenting my weight loss of ~120lbs. I'm already halfway there! I'm jobless at the moment and am trying to beef up my blog, so I'm really excited Kat invited me to open mic night ;)

  14. What a GREAT idea Kat!!

    My name is Suzi and I am fairly new to the blog world...just started in January. I am a Weight Watcher follower and so far I have lost 61.4 lbs (as of last night...whoohoo!!). I run a blog called 'Ok...just one more beer' (Watch out Steve, lol!). Please feel free to stop by and check it out!! I can't wait till tonight to explore some of the blogs listed here.

    This really is a great idea and I cant wait to find enormous amounts of inspiration from you all!!

  15. Yum Yucky is hilarious, you'll love her!
    Kat is awesome, check out her blog!
    Suzi is a hotty ;)

  16. Hello!

    I'm the survivor of a trainwreck. Figuratively. So much so that it feels literal. In the process of crashing, I gained 52 pounds. So, I have a goal to lose 52# in 52 weeks. Plus all the baggage. I'm sort of attached to the baggage part. Come read!


    I promise. I'm kinda fun and sane at moments! Thanks Kat. And Vonda, I had no idea that you were partaking in the bet. Now I'm torn ...

  17. JBS is awesome, you'll love her. Even if she wants to root for my sister ;) lol

  18. Hi everyone {in that oh-so-Patty-Griffin voice}, I'm Cheryl and I'm losing my behind over at, uh, LosingMyBehind ~ and by that I mean a literal losing of both my back end and the history that led me to where I am.

    My blog is a hodge-podge of confession, victory, defeat, epiphany, helpful info and just plain ole' comfortable camaraderie, all around the topics of losing weight without losing our mind, er, I mean health. And, we all admit from time to time that we need therapy. ;)

    I'm not new to blogging, but my weight loss blog is brand spankin' new since Jan 1 2010. Just puttin' it all out there in the hopes of helping other people, gathering support, finding new friends, and having fun...MUST have fun! Please come visit!

    And, Kat, you're brilliant, wonderful way to discover so many other great people on the same journey! {hugs}

  19. Hi all, I'd love for you all to check out my blog and can't wait to check out each and every one of yours.
    My name's Keri - I'm a weight watcher. Down 35.6 lbs so far... have about 15-18 left to lose and this is where it's getting tough. Come check out my rants and raves. I love to talk about new recipes I've tried and new items I find, and well just about anything else thats on my mind.
    Oh and I also have challeged myself to learn something new everyday..

  20. Hi Cheryl, Hi Keri! Check their blogs, they're awesome.

  21. Hi! I'm Lorie! I do Weight Watchers and I love it! I have three crazy boys and an amazing man. I write about my boys, food, my garden, things that drive me crazy and well, just about anything! I try real hard not to be boring but I probably am anyway. :) Stop by and say 'Hi!'
    Thanks Kat!!

  22. Hi Lorie! Can't wait for those slow cooker recipe reviews!

  23. WOW Open Mic! I get a voice today! Can't sing but like to pretend! I write Big Girl Bombshell. It's about the attitude, NOT the scale and my daily visualization of wanting to be a bombshell in my own right!
    Trying to deal with the thoughts between the ears that have stopped me for way too long

  24. Yes JBS I am Vonda the crazy sister that Kat speeks of! and I am winning the coffee card!! LOVE coffee! Dont be torn its all me!

  25. Hi Jules! loved your guest posters last week!
    Vonda, har har har dee har har. I may be behind on that one...OK, I stink at water consumption...but I might surprise you?? I will however be taking the running socks fo shizzle!

  26. my blog is about losing weight while trying to be the best mommy to my autistic 4 year old son
    hope yall like reading it
    i know its theraputic for me to write everything i am feeling down right now


  27. Hi Bee! She's a rock star at my fav Jillian workouts! Check out her blog.

  28. Greeting! Open mic...what an awesome idea! Mic check, mic check 1...2...1...2. So, introductions are in order. I refer to myself as MochaTrina. My blog "Me So Hongry! The Misdventures of a Weight Watchers Repeat Offender!" chronicles my weight loss trials and tribulations as I aim to get it right this time, and bring my sexy back. And like the moniker suggests...ME SO HONGRY ALL of the time!!

    Stop on by and celebrate my blog's first birthday with me.

  29. How fun!

    My name is Karen and I blog about my struggles, experiences, and other random thoughts as a yo-yo dieter. I just started blogging in December and love, love, love the sense of community and support I have found.

  30. Hi, I'm Genie. New to the W/L blogosphere and experiencing the lift it's bringing to my efforts. Awesome!

    Don't be afraid of me because I'm on the older side. My short term memory is a little spotty, but my long term memory vividly recalls what it was like to struggle with my weight in my younger years. I became thin for the first time at the age of 29 on the Weight Watchers program, after which I was a WW leader for four years.

    Then, I had a baby and now he's 16. The time really went by just that fast. I managed to keep most of my weight off until the last couple of years. The change of life has been a lot harder than I thought it would be, and it has given me back too much of my original poundage. NO THANKS!

    Not ready to give up! My current, self-designed program is based on what I learned from WW. I'm "shaking it up" by seeking and giving support on this newfangled invention called "the Internet". I'm going to spruce up my blog, Diet of 51, as soon as I can figure out how!

    Thanks, Kat, for your kindness and for this opportunity to speak.

  31. Hi Everyone! I am Jackie and my blog is I started it so I could write about my struggles with body image, self-esteem related to my body, and my struggles with my weight. But mostly I wanted to write about the spiritual aspects of all of the above: learning to love myself, not judge myself, or others, for being less than perfect, and finding all the many ways there are to find serenity and peace within myself and in the world around me. Blogging has been very healing, and the more of you I "meet", the more healed I become, so stop by! I'd love to meet you!
    I, too, have just started WW and I also am learning to cook to make my diet more exciting, and it's working! I'm loving it!

  32. Hi MochaTrina, Karen, Genie, and Jackie! Glad to have you!

  33. Open mic...yikes! Too shy. LOL!

    Kat, hope you're dad is better soon:(

  34. Kat you are the best!! Thanks to you I have 3 new wonderful followers of my blog and have begun following several more.. **many hugs**

  35. I'm Andrew from Andrew is getting fit! I've moved off the couch and have become a runner via C25K and am now in training for my 3rd marathon. :)I've also lost 100 odd pounds along the way.

  36. I am Emily and my blog is Food for Mama! I am a 23 year old stay at home mom and wife. I am starting a journey to become the fit, healthy person I know that I can be. I am going to quit dieting and lose weight while doing that. Follow my journey on my blog!

  37. Hi Kat- I'm Betsy and I am brand new to the blogging world. I write daily about random life and weight loss at Just trying to remain positive through a long weight loss journey ahead. :)

  38. Hello All!

    How fun is this? I'm a big fat (though not as fat as I once was) in, losing the weight once and for all...and this time I'm blogging about it and letting ya'll in on the nitty gritty of it all...embarrassing or not!

    Check it out at!

    (PS - I'm coming to check out some of your blogs too! Major cool idea Kat, thanks!)

  39. Hey there:
    My name is Tosha,
    Im a new mom and im doing Weight Watchers on my own. That means im not paying for any memebership just a magazine sub.. My blog is pretty much a place where I review food things, talk about my weight loss journey and what have you... I post oodles of pictures of the food things I make and the books and products I review...


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