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Fabulous Friends Friday

For February I thought I would do something fun for Fridays (other than giveaway posts). So, I thought about it and decided they would be Fabulous Friends Friday. Each Friday I will pick some of my fabulous blogger friends I think you all should meet!

First up, meet Steve:

I'm Steve, I'm a 25 year old insurance claims processor/wannabe somewhat athlete :-P.  I started my site ( because I found alot of other weight loss blogs and their writers were having extraordinary success, I thought that if I tried it myself, I could have the accountability and support that I wouldn't really have otherwise.  I've lost weight before, only to gain it all back, and I've done it by doing just about every unhealthy thing possible.  I've lost 30 pounds so far, and I've done it merely by watching my diet and exercising.  No pills, no gimmicks, no bullsh*t :)

Everyone say, HI STEVE!

Next, meet Barbi:

My blog is about becoming a Fit Mom Now.  I want to be healthy from top to bottom....hopefully with a lot less "bottom." 
I'm in my late 30's, married, with two girls under age four.  Life is hectic but so much fun!

OK, everyone: HI BARBI!

Now, meet Abby:

My name is Abby and I'm the spaz behind just another day, some might know me as "abbynormally". I began my blog as a way to not only provide an outlet for my passion for writing, but also to promote emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy lifestyles. What I didn't know was that I'd suffer a stress fracture and have take to a serious break from running. The blog has now become a documentation of my journey to return to running as I train for my first full marathon. Life can be full of surprises, some good and bad, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share all of them with my readers!

You know the drill: HI ABBY!

Next up, meet Lisa (my recently discovered fraternal twin):

Hi, my name is Lisa.  Two years ago, I lost 150+ lbs and have regained 50+ lbs.  Apparently I forgot that you can't lose weight, then return to eating like a small horse without regaining weight. I'm tackling the weight once again.  I'm a mom to 2 boys and have not worked outside the home for 17 years; not the ideal job for a refrigerator diver.  My blog varies from deep psychology talk to goofy humor depending on my mood for the day.  

HI LISA! Wow, you guys got this.

I know you've been waiting for this one, meet Sue:

So the question I got this morning was as follows: Fab Friend Friday on my blog, could u write a couple sentences about u ur blog whatever and send to me please?
Ummm, okay. I'm MrsFatass and I run the blog DidIJustEatThatOutLoud. I'm a wife, mom, student, and liver of my life. I am comfortable introducing myself as a blogger, but not yet as a writer, but a writer is what I want to be when I grow up. I swear a lot when I write and when I talk, but never ever in front of my parents. I am on a quest to lose a few (40) pounds and become more athletic and fit, but have found it difficult to do so because no exercise feels as good as sitting on the sofa watching Top Chef. When somebody tickles me I burst into tears because it doesn't tickle, it hurts, like really hurts and my husband thinks it's hilarious to test this and test it often. I love him despite of that fact. I also love bad reality television and chick lit, but think life is way too short to drink bad liquor. I say my blog is about my journey from Fatass to Fabulous, but really? I've found fabulous, I just haven't yet come up with a better tagline for my header.


Last, but certainly not least, meet Ami:

I had my first experiences with writing and dieting in a small town in Northern NY. I currently live (and write and diet) in Baltimore, MD, where I work as a technical writer while building my freelance writing business. I'm always looking for opportunities to be creative and learn about new topics--and writing allows me this pleasure. I've published articles in several local, regional, and online publications and am currently a contributing blogger for Feed the Soul Nutrition, Inc. (, and the Health Channel of Blissfully Domestic ( I write about my own life, including my struggles with weight, the books I'm reading or the food I'm eating at my personal blog, Writing: My Life ( I also blog about writing and creativity at my website (


OK, the funniest thing about my little post this morning, almost all of their emails went to my spam folder, LOL! What up with that?

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of my fabulous blogger friends. I know you'll love them all as much as I do. Check out their blogs, they're awesome! More friends coming next Friday, have a great day!