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Groundhog's Day Resolutions

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. — The groundhog has spoken. And it's bad news.
Punxsutawney Phil has emerged to see his shadow before chilly revelers in Pennsylvania, meaning winter will last another six weeks. (

Ya, sure, guys. Only 6 more weeks? Promise? Here in Colorado we'll have snow until May (June even sometimes), so that doesn't mean much!

Groundhog's Day always fascinated me as a child. Something about that cute little furry guy. All the people gathering to see if he sees his shadow. That fascination seems to be passing to my sons, they're all about it today. Homeschool will focus on it a bit.

Somehow it got me to thinking about some new goals I've been considering. I am a huge goal making, list making, spreadsheet lovin geek about things. While I've said things on other blogs and Twitter in passing about them, I am announcing them as offical goals here!

That also got me thinking, why do we always wait 'til some marker to make goals. New Year's Resolutions (that are usually gone by February), this goal by the time I'm thirty, that by the time I'm forty. I get it, a time frame is helpful, and certain things spur us on. I definitely do that too, but goals can be made and evaluated anytime. Changing and evolving with our lives. Our life doesn't end at thirty, or the next vacation, or whatever our finish line of choice is. It's good to always be striving, reaching, stretching ourselves.

So, poking a little fun, today:

My Groundhog's Day Resolutions
  1. I want to be able to do 5 a row!
  2. I want to rock a size 6 jeans by summer.(Huge reach here, aim high, right?)
  3. I want to do an 'exposed' post when I reach 165. (not at all what you think, not that brave. I just mean exposing my face, tee hee).
So there you have it folks, my Groundhog's Day Resolutions, out there for the world to see. Oh, the accountability of it all.

Have an awesome Groundhog's Day!