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It's Fabulous Friends Friday Again

I know you've all been patiently waiting for another edition of...Fabulous Friends Friday! Well, here it is. More great blogger friends I'm excited for you to meet.

First up, meet the fabulous Corletta from Corletta: It's a New Year...No More Excuses!:

Hey Ya'll!  My name is Corletta and I am 26 years old.  I started my weight loss blog January 1, 2010 as a way to not only be honest with others, but also myself.  For too long I have written down goals only to have to reread a bunch of junk that I never achieved.  In 2009, my goal was to run a marathon.  After having trained and successfully completed my first marathon, I realized that I am stronger than most of my weight loss efforts have shown.  So...this blog is my way of being completely transparent.  As a therapist, I lead others to health day in and day out.  It's my turn to lead my self to that same freedom!

Next, I'd like you to meet Andrea from Celery in the City, if I could choose a little sister, she would be it!:

If I had to sum it all up in a few sentences I would say that my blog is about learning to eat and prepare real food. I write a lot about the transition from eating dorm food and New York City fast food (since we not only have it on every block..every street has a cart of gyro and burgers too!) to eating foods that aren't processed and are natural. I started the blog after leaving a fast paced music job and feeling like a the age of 19! I'm 20 now and working towards better over all health and weight loss.

Now, please meet sweet TJ from TJ's Test Kitchen:

Hi everyone! I'm TJ!  Being a current Weight Watcher member who was looking for additional support, I stumbled onto a few blogs while surfing online, and I liked them so much that I decided to start one of my own :)  I love to cook, so I decided my blog could be a great place to share pictures and recipes of tasty meals that I prepare during the week.  My thinking is if I actually enjoy the foods I eat, then it feels less like I'm on a DIET (the dreaded D word).  I have come to firmly believe in the Weight Watcher philosophy of stop dieting and start living.  Really, the pounds didn't start coming off until I started changing the way I approach everything from shopping for groceries to planning my meals for the week.  Who says you can't lose weight and have lots of fun while doing it? :)

Meet Mary, the fabulous daredevil (did you see the bungee jump video?!) from A Merry Life:

I'm Mary and I run the blogs A Merry Life and Eats For A Merry Life, a food blog.  I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up and somehow I've turned into ahealthy living blogger, but since I'm just 23 I still have some growing up to do and maybe one day I'll be a proper writer.  I've been trying to reach my healthy goal weight since I started college.  I got close then gained all the weight back, ironically during my first year of writing a weight loss blog.  Since then I've figured out a lot about myself and grown in a number of ways that now have me back on the slow slide down the scale to a healthy weight, even with my crazy life of many jobs and no fixed address (currently I'm in New Zealand). 

Last, but never least, meet Shannan from Miss Shannan:

Howdy I’m Miss Shannan, and I’m a comedian, writer, and host here in Minneapolis, MN. My little slice of Internet heaven is and when you visit you can read my take on Fitness, Pop Culture and Reality TV.  I do the occasional giveaway and post any interesting interviews I might do with semi-famous people. I also talk about my family, because, of course, they are VERY MIND CONSUMING J
Plus, since I’m a Stand-Up Comic you can always find my show schedule prominently displayed on my blog.  I hope you come see both the blog and my comedy show. I could use the company, because talking to your self all time gets a little weird.

Say hello! Check out there blogs, they are all fabulous, beautiful people. The blogger community is so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. I am glad I could introduce you to some more of my blogger friends!