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I have talked to many people who set up little rewards along the way for their weight loss efforts. It seems to really help many. I have been reluctant in the past to do this because of money, but have decided it would be helpful and worth it.

I discussed setting up rewards for myself with hubby. I explained to him how the little challenges with Vonda were helping so much and how I thought setting up rewards for reaching certain weights would encourage and motivate me. He was all for it! Which I knew he would be. It is me who struggles with putting things for me in the budget. 

Hubby said he thinks I should budget money to get my hair cut and colored. I haven't had that done in a year! Really excited for that. (I was thinking nail polish or something, but hey!) So, my first weight loss reward will be a cut like Reese's above (my hair is a little shorter, but you get the idea) and color in something resembling the dark shades above. Yippee!

Now to pick the milestone that will pay out in this awesome reward. I am still hovering around 180, so I decided when I reach 170 I will make the appointment. 10 pounds to great hair! Game on.

Tomorrow I'll have an update on where sis and I are in our challenges after our first 7 days! Wonder who's winning...

Have a great Tuesday!