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To Jean or Not to Jean, THAT is the Question...

I have been contemplating buying a pair of size 6 jeans for motivation. There is a certain jean at Target right now that I really like. The 12's are getting baggy and I have been hoping they go on sale so that I can buy some 10's. (In most jeans I'm still a 12; it's just this jean I'm a 10.)

Anyhoo, I really like this cut of jean on me and have been thinking it might be good motivation and inspiration to have a size 6 in it staring at me.

However, I am NOT one to waste money...ever. I wonder, what if I don't like those jeans on my thinner me body?

Right now they are $29.99, the pair I have I got on sale for $19.99. Last time I was at Target I noticed the sizes available were diminishing. I'm not sure if this is a style they will replenish, or will just be gone?!

Is it confidence or foolishness to buy a size 6 when I'm a 12??

So, my dear blog readers, I leave the decisions up to you:

 First, I have the money in my account I buy a size 6, or do I wait until I am a size 6?

Second, is anyone nearing a size 12?? Should I do a give away of my 12's?? They're used, but not too worn (Well, they're meant to look worn, but you get the picture), and cute?!

Leave a comment with your vote!