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The Denim Diet by Kami Gray: Review 4 1/2 Stars

I am giving Kami Gray's The Denim Diet 4 and a half stars as an amazing, no-nonsense, humorous, all in one approach to healthier, thinner, greener lifestyle choices.

Don't let the fact that this book has the word 'diet' in the name fool you. This is no run of the mill fad diet book. Kami's attitude about the word diet reminded me of mine concerning diet being in my blog title: "I know it's in the title to this book, but I think the word diet sucks. It implies that for a temporary period of time, your eating habits will need to change dramatically in order for you to achieve weight loss. Instead of dictating a diet, I'm going to introduce you to sixteen simple habits to...I call these sixteen simple habits 'the List'." 

I could not agree more. Diet to me simply implies what we eat. We might have a healthy diet or a not so healthy one. In order to live healthy and stay that way we have to make permanent changes, not temporary drastic fad diets that will result in weight loss, then regain when we go off of them. It's lifestyle, it's choices. I love how Kami stresses that in her book. She lays out 16 very practical, sensible habits that will result in an overall lifestyle change that will also happily result in weight loss/maintenance!

If you know me, you know she had me at List! I love my lists. There is even a section towards the end that plainly lays out in chart form the basics of these 16 habits. Yes, chart, wee. OK, sorry.

The cover reads: "16 Simple Habits To Get You Into Your Dream Pair Of Jeans--The No-Nonsense Guide to a Smaller You and a Healthier Planet". In a very best-friend-tell-it-like-it-is manner Kami shares her approach to maintaining her weight. I loved her approach and her humor. I found myself laughing out loud at several points in the book. Can't say I've had that happen with a 'diet' book before. In the chapter on your sweet tooth she says, "You're putting your body through a binge-crash cycle and creating a larger problem, a larger ass, and an unhealthier you." OMG, I was rolling at many such statements. Very true, but very hilarious.

In the introduction Kami discusses our country's obesity epidemic and shares, "I believe we're in this predicament because many Americans don't know the basics of healthy eating or how to have a positive relationship with food. And that's okay, because I do and I'm going to share what I know with you-the simple habits that helped me lose weight and keep it off for over twenty years without yo-yo dieting or starving myself."

On her List of 16 things are sensible, helpful tips on habits to make and habits to break concerning: sweeteners, fast food, snacking, portions and calories, eating out, etc. Kami pretty much covers it all without making you feel overwhelmed with information.

Kami also shares many tips throughout the book on how to not only manage our weight, but how to better manage our planet. "..the philosophy in this book ties in beautifully with being and thinking green. You'll learn how to easily and effortlessly lose weight, but in doing so, you'll be able to feel good about lessening your impact on Earth's energy and resources."

I love her plain, matter of fact, tell it how it is language and the way she doesn't leave room for excuses. She lays out what we need to do and gives examples, suggestions and is incredibly encouraging. But says we need to make the changes, train ourselves to do these things, like healthier foods, avoid certain foods/behaviors. I could not agree more. I (Kat) didn't start out loving plain yogurt, but I do now. Our tastes and behaviors will change with time, but we have to take the steps to make it happen. Kami says about fast food: "Train yourself to find these foods repulsive." I think this quote best sums up her feelings on this: " are in control. You are not a slave to food or soda pop. You call the shots. You're the boss of you. You--not your body's cravings--decide. Cravings are not trustworthy, but you are. Trust yourself, and know that you are blessed with a powerful mind. Use it to be the best you..." Could not have said it better myself!

The book is also interspersed with relevant, entertaining stories about her and other people's experiences. Also, towards the end Kami, who is a stylist, gives her best advice on dressing to look thinner.

The book ends with some healthy recipes. I haven't tried them out yet, but there are a few I plan to try soon. First on my list to try are the Energy Bars and Power Pumpkin Bread. They look amazing.

I debated heavily between 4 and 5 stars for this book. 

I loved this book. I think it gives some really sound advice. It's not faddish or crazy restrictive. It simply tells you things you can do to make permanent changes in your life to become what you want. I love the way she lays things out very plainly and focuses on us being in control of ourselves. I think we tend to forget this in our excuse making sometimes. I also thoroughly enjoyed her sense of humor and conversational style. I thought interspersing tips on doing things greener was genius and enjoyed the stories, style tips, and recipes.

The only things that made me waiver away from 5 stars were:
 I wished there was nutrition information for the recipes. No biggie, I can plug them into when I make them and find that. Also, as someone who raises my own beef I wondered if her section discussing the beef industry might give some people the idea to never eat beef. She never says that, I simply wondered how some might take it. I agree with her completely on the big business cattle industry, but there are other alternatives. Our cattle graze on thousands of acres and live a very happy life, OK off soap box. She does say to look for grass fed beef and I agree completely with that.
Those were the only things I didn't LOVE about this book though. 

I devoured this book cover to cover. I highly recommend The Denim Diet by Kami Gray for anyone looking to make healthy changes in their life!

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