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March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge

Sorry I'm just getting this up today! I've wanted to do a March challenge, but couldn't decide what it would be. But here it is:

March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge

The main focus of the challenge will be running 3 days a week, all month. If you are a runner, great, jump in with us, we could use your insight. If you are just starting out, we'll be here to support you! If you just sort of think you want to be a runner...jump in! What better time than now with all of us to support you?!

Even if you have to start out in run walk intervals. Even if your run intervals are only a minute, if you stick to it all month with us you will make progress! Run outside, run on the treadmill...just run with me!

OK, so I will post once a week on Mondays about how I am doing with it, whether I got in 3 runs, how they went, etc. I am focusing on increasing my speed, so I'll post about that. I will try to add in any helpful links I find on training, etc. In the comments of that post, everyone do the same. Post about how you did the previous week with your running. Find a cool training plan, or link? Post that too. Brag about yourself, tell us if you didn't get your runs in; tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Hmm, a prize is in order I think...For everyone who participates, comments below, and posts their weekly updates on all my challenge posts (March 8, 15, 22, 29) I will put your names in a drawing for a pair of DeFeet running socks! (which I will provide FTC, thank you).

Let's all kick some asphalt this March!

Who's in?? Comment below!

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