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Negative Nelly

I don't generally like to post negative things. Mostly because my natural bent is to be a Negative Nelly and I fight hard to stay positive in my every day life. But this morning I am going to discuss something negative going on in my life because that really is all I have on my mind this morning. Sorry!

Money. Stinks.

That sums it. Hubby has his own business and we aren't getting paid right now. Might not get paid for a while. We don't believe in credit cards, so no pay check anything. We have an emergency fund to pay the mortgage, thank God. I have faith. I know it will work out. But for some reason I am struggling this morning with staying positive.

I absolutely don't want to be a downer to anyone. Just needed to talk about that. I will adjust my attitude and move forward with a smile and positive attitude, even if I don't feel it. Everything will be OK. I am all sorts of resourceful. Just need ya'll to tell me to stay positive! 

Have a great Friday!