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Thank You

Here it 100th Post! Woot Woot! I tossed around all kinds of ideas of what it should be. I am really proud of my little blog and excited about this milestone. I decided my 100th post would be a Thank You! When I think about my blog and all the wonderful people I encounter through it I am thankful. So I'm going to make like an Oscar winner, get all sappy, and thank some people!

First, I want to thank two people and a company who really brightened my week last week. As I blogged about last week, we are having money troubles right now. I haven't had grocery money for almost 3 weeks now (don't worry, we'll be fine). I was feeling a bit down about this last week and within a day span I received three things in the mail. I've heard of pennies from Heaven, but this was like presents from Heaven!  

I want to thank Kami Gray who recently sent me a copy of her book The Denim Diet.

I want to thank Vitalicious who sent me  huge sampler of VitaTops and VitaBrownies

I want to thank Tracey Mallett who sent me a copy of her workout DVD Lose the Belly Flab.

Big thank you to all of them for putting a smile on my face during a difficult time. I know companies send things for bloggers to review all the time, but the timing made it special to me.

Next, I want to thank all of you that read my blog and comment on my blog. You rock. I hope that my next 100 blog posts will be worthy of your reading. Your support and kind words mean so much to me.

A huge thank you goes out to are always there. Your love, support, kindness, encouragement, and yes, your ninja-ness are so important to me. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

I also would like to thank all my Twitter friends. As a stay at home mom who homeschools you guys help keep me sane!

Last, I would like to thank my fellow bloggers. You all are this whole wonderful, supportive, encouraging community that I feel proud to be a part of.

I work very hard to keep my attitude positive and grateful, it's not my natural bent, but I think it is important and makes all aspects of my life better. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and I think it is important to remember this, especially in the hard times.  Who knew my silly little blog would bring so many wonderful people into my life? But it has and I am grateful.

Thank you! Here's to 100 more posts!