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5 Things My Weight Loss/Healthier Lifestyle Have Affected That Surprised Me

  1. My Energy. I know this shouldn't be a surprise, but I have experienced that afternoon slump and that feeling tired all the time for SO long it really is surprising how great I feel now! Previously coffee or a Diet Rockstar were a must in the afternoon. DAILY. Now it is an extremely rare indulgence. I know everyone always says how much more energy you'll have, how great you'll feel, blah, blah, blah, but know what? They're right. Who knew?
  2. My Family. I started this whole pursuit as a rather selfish endeavor. I am shocked at how much my weight loss, healthier choices, and new focus on a fit lifestyle affect my husband and kids. They are always watching! My kids now assume working out is just something everyone does, like eating. My 4 year old will say, "OK, mom now you are going to do my workout". Then he'll take me through a series of 'moves' he makes up and I have to repeat what he does. It's awesomely hilarious. My 6 year old will run around the yard a few times and say, "Whew, that was a great workout". My teen knows that working out is just part of the school day. Yet he's found ways to make it fun too. He gets on the exercise bike and plays Wii Sports at the same time. I'll have to yell at him that time is up. I have more energy and ability to play with my kids now. We play tag now, we go for walks. We find active ways to have fun and spend time together. The other day I went to the track to run and they all came with me. I ran and the kids, ran, walked, raced. It was so much fun. Hubby wasn't quite digging it until I gave him my Blackberry and he played with all the fun GPS features. It was an awesome, fun way to spend a Sunday! My kids will tell me things like, that snack is just sugar and won't fill my tummy. They've heard me tell them this and are choosing better things for themselves because how they feel from making better choices. (granted, this is sometimes, other times they just want that sugar treat, it's all balance) The main point is they are learning to make better choices by how foods fuel their bodies, how foods make them feel, not just what tastes good. I am amazed at how my example rubs off! My kids will be healthier adults because I choose to make better choices now.
  3. My Friendships. This one is interesting. I have made new friends and strengthened relationships with some existing friends. And, sadly, some friendships just haven't lasted or aren't as prominent in my life anymore because I refuse to focus on crappy food and negativity. I also refuse to feel I have to bring myself down, or talk down myself and my efforts because they are jealous. I have had too many of those friends that want to push me down for whatever reason. I think we can only do our best to encourage and inspire, but when we see that the relationship is only dragging us down and not lifting them up sometimes we have to limit or even sever that relationship. The friends I feel closer to now are the ones up for that 5k race on the weekend, the ones who are interested in that healthy new recipe, the ones who I can openly talk to about the struggles of these changes in my life and come away feeling better. This has all been tough, but so freeing and refreshing.
  4. My Goals. This one is so far reaching it's hard to explain. My entire focus has shifted. My outlook and desires are different. Not only do I make goals now to run marathons and shave time off my 5k, but my goals and dreams overall have changed. I want to help, encourage, and inspire others to make their lives better too. This encompasses everything from my daily goals, to my goals for my writing in the bigger picture. I am excited and look forward to what this change will bring. 
  5. My Wedding Ring. Yes, silly. (and possibly I just needed a #5 to make it a nice list-type number) But apparently I lose weight in my fingers fastest. My wedding ring is huge. I was brushing crumbs off my son's jeans and it went flying across the kitchen the other day. Obviously I need to have it re-sized, but do I wait until I'm done losing weight? How much change will I really have in my fingers? Should I wear it on a necklace? Would love to know what others think!
I marvel everyday at this new me, this new life I am building. I am ever thankful that I took that first step, that second step, and then kept going. I am not at my goal weight, but I have made lasting changes that are more far reaching than I'd have ever expected. I fall, I mess up, but success is in the choices. In choosing to get back up and keep trying!