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The Extreme Chronicles--First Impressions

Yesterday, UPS Brought me ChaLEAN Extreme, woot!
I was so excited! I of course immediately ripped into the box.
This is what was inside.
Two books, 7 DVDs, a resistance band, fat calipers, and a thigh band.
I felt a little like a kid at Christmas.
Later when I had time I devoured this book. Stayed up a little too late, oops. This is the "Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook". I think I sort of expected some stupid little pamphlet. Nope. This is a full size, glossy page, book. This book walks you through everything you need to know about this workout program. It includes a Fit Test (which I skipped, ya my bad). I might go back and do it tonight because it has a spot to record now and then after you've finished the program, that would be interesting to see. 
It discusses choosing the right resistance for you. Chalene focuses on heavier weights so you 'fail' after 10-12 reps the first phase. There is also a calendar that maps out what workouts to do on what day for the next three months. Love that. It is just so nice to get up and no-brainer do the workout scheduled. That's me though, I like having it all planned out. I will be re-writing the calendar to add in my runs.
Then the book goes through measurements you do before, then after 30 days, then 60, then 90. Measurements include: body fat percentage measurements with the calipers, body measurements with a measuring tape, and photos you can take. There are places to record all of this throughout the phases. I think I will do the before ones tonight. I want to see before and after what this program does. Probably going to do the whole sports bra and shorty workout shorts and everything for the pics, eep. 
Next there is a section to record the amount of weight and number of reps you did for each exercise in the workouts. I am going to try to keep up with this. I have already realized I may have to buy some heavier weights! I guess I have been punking out a little in previous workouts, oops. Last there is a detailed description with pictures of how to correctly do each exercise you will perform in this program. Also includes a space for Notes at the back of the book.
Next I watched the DVD called "Burn Basics". Chalene walks you through how to correctly perform strength exercises.
Then I read through this book. (Now you can see why I was up too late!)
This is the "Fat Burning Food Guide". Again a nice full sized book. I think I will probably follow the food program too. It is extremely similar to what I already do, so that'll be easy. I thought the recommendations were awesome. Chalene focuses on upping your protein, so totally agree there. Her calorie recommendations for weight loss at my size were: 1400. I have seen many higher, like 1600-1800. But have never been able to lose weight that high. Yet, at 1200, I struggle. So 1400 was right on as far as my body.
The book includes an overview on her philosophy of eating and then lots of recipes. Many I plan to try.
Both books include suggestions for maintenance, which I was so happy to see because hopefully that's where I'll be at the end!
This morning I woke up at 5 am excited for my first workout. I did the Burn Circuit 1. It was about 35 minutes. I used 8 and 10 pound weights. With Chalene wanting you to 'fail', or be at as many as you can do, at 10 or 12 reps in this phase I am thinking I need to get 12 and 15 pound weights for some of the exercises already. I loved the workout and am looking forward to the next!
Tomorrow is listed as a rest day, I think I will be slipping my runs in here. I am used to 1 rest day a week, and this program gives you 2. I read somewhere online that it was OK to add cardio on this first rest day. I am also hoping to add in another run or two per week. With the workouts not being the 45 or 60 minutes I am used to I think I will be fine adding runs on top some days. I do feel that I will be getting more done in that 35 minutes than I have been in the longer workouts. As a mom, that rocks. Time is precious.
I'll keep you posted!
Have a great Thursday.

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