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Kerri--1 Inner Fat Chick--0

Take one...hadn't had my coffee yet...
Take 2...yes, we are dorks.

Because I just knew you'd want to know what we had for breakfast, yes we were feeling silly.
Pre-race. Excited!

On our way. A little nervous.

Waiting to pick up third friend running the race.

First things first.
No pics of me running the race, because we were all running! It was awesome though. I started out way too fast. Our other friend running the race is a super fast runner (she won her age group in 23:55), and I started out chasing her a little, then I went doh, stop that she's a fast runner and you are going to wreck yourself! So I held back a little, not so great at pacing yet. I wish I'd been wearing my Nike+ because I kicked tail that first mile, I'm guessing it was under 9 minutes.
I felt great, but about half way the inner fat chick battle started I was doubting myself and my abilities It was so strange because I didn't have any of this during training. I felt strong all through my speed work and long runs. I honestly thought I had whooped the inner fat chick before even arriving at the start line. Stop, walk, this is too hard, your lungs are on fire, you are ahead of Vonda you seriously think you can hold this pace, um hello a little kid just passed you loser, look how far you have left to run, you are too slow, give up, you're never going to make it in 35 minutes, is that your fat jiggling as you run? You are breathing really loud, people are looking at you, if you take off your jacket people will see your fat rolls. You can't do this, you can't do this, you can't do this! I began to argue back in my head, yes I felt a little crazy, lol. I can do this, I am strong.
About this time Vonda could see I was struggling, fidgeting with keeping my jacket tied around my waist, slowing down. She ran hard (or so she says, I still find it hard to believe she couldn't keep up with me) caught up with me and said, give me your jacket and go! I heart her, she was so about me kicking this race's butt. So she yelled at me a little Jillian style, I threw my jacket to her and took off again.
A little further towards the end I was struggling again. This woman who I had passed long ago passed me, then every time she would slow and I would go to pass her she sped up so I couldn't, seriously messed with my head because I could tell I was a faster runner than her, but she was pushing to stay ahead of me. Instead of pushing myself a little I slowed and talked myself out of an outright foot race with her because I felt weird about it (next time, I will totally race that person). My inner fat chick started in, oh stop she will think you are weird if you push to pass her, you're tired, you aren't a fast runner, you would look stupid and probably couldn't pass her anyway. I began feeling defeated and discouraged again. I slowed down. Then I heard Vonda yell from behind me, something like you've got this RUN! She was so amazingly encouraging. I pushed a little harder, as did the woman in front of me when she heard me catch up. Funny stuff. I saw the clock then, still 32 and change, I became determined to finish before it reached 33. Bite me inner fat chick I thought. Right then the announcer said, "You got this, just you and the finish line." I pushed and finished in 32:44. Friggin amazing.
This goal started out just wanting to finish a 5k faster than 38:58, my fastest time so far. Then, my goal changed to finishing under 35. I had no idea I could run it in under 33! Woot! Next goal? Under 30. Oh ya.
Post-race glow.
Post race Skinny Caramel Macchiato. mmmmm
I hope you enjoyed the pics and race day silliness. We had so much fun that day. I came home with this overwhelming feeling of peace. I set a goal, I trained hard to achieve that goal, and I did it.