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Runapalooza Day 4. Daydreaming about Gear.

I absolutely agree that one of the best things about running is that it can be done on the cheap. A decent pair of shoes and out the door. No gym membership, no fancy equipment, just you and the road. 
I also however have a crazy love of running gear. So today come with me down a daydream path of "what running gear I would buy if money were no object". Just the title gives me tingles.

Need a snack, a trip to the bathroom before we take off, go ahead, I'll wait....

First up on our little fantasy shopping trip. (no, FTC I have no affiliation with them).
Shoes. ooooooo.
Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 in Orange

I've run in the 12's of these and would love the 13's. Definitely going in the fantasy basket. But why stop there. Let's try some new brands shall we?

Women's New Balance 1906

I have never ran in New Balance, and these babies are pretty expensive, so while I'm fantasizing may as well try the best? Yes?

Women's Puma Complete Velosis

Never tried Pumas either, can't lie, added these to the fantasy basket because they are yellow. Always wanted yellow running shoes.

Next stop on our little fatasy gear shopping spree: (No, FTC no connection with them either). Let's pick out a bondiband to match each of our shoes, shall we?
For the Nikes, yes?
For the Fancy New Balance Definitely.
I'm thinking the yellow Pumas need something a little more fashionista.
Now let's stop by for some awesome socks. (No, FTC, no affiliation here either)
Nike Elite Running Cushion - Quarter. For the Nikes of course.

North Face Lightweight Running No Show. For the other two shoes.
Now how about for some tunes? (surely FTC you know what I'm going to say here).

And for our last stop, back to
Yes boys, back to the first store.
(No, FTC, still no affiliation)

Women's RRS Essential Jacket

Women's Nike Tech Tight Short

Nathan Love Steel Bottle 700ml

Ah, perfect. Hope you enjoyed my little fantasy shopping spree. 
All images from the sites indicated. 
No, I have no affiliation with any of these sites, but yes, I wish I did!
Any gear you've been drooling over lately?