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Please enjoy this guest post from Danielle of She is a Twitter friend and she totally rocks. I am so proud of her. Danielle inspires and amazes me! She's going to do great watch.

Boot camp – a love story

I have struggled with my weight for what feels like forever. From being enrolled in weight watchers at a young age to going to a nutritionist in college while my friends were scarfing down pizza and going to keggers.
But one thing I never fully enjoyed has been working out, until now.
A little over a year ago a friend and I started walking at a local track and eventually joined a 24 hour gym. It’s been great, but I needed something more hands on, more intense.  
My older sis kept “hinting” to me about a local boot camp class that meets in Springfield. Annoyed that she would drop not so subtle hints I joined just to spite her… yea my reasoning doesn’t make sense to me either.
The boot camp I attend is taught by a former contest of The Biggest Loser, season 4 David Griffin. The first day in class I was scared and nervous and running late, something that I hate to do. But my favorite twin sis and I went in and completed our first assessment. I could only do 1 push up and 13 sit-ups and a 23 minute mile. That was it. I kinda felt defeated walking away that first day and that I was in the wrong place. But I had already paid my money, which for me is a huge motivating factor and I was going to do this.
Our class meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about an hour. It’s a 6 week course and it’s intense. The assessment this round was on a Wednesday and then Friday was our first full class.
I died that first time. We all start out a few minutes early doing 3 laps around the inside of the school and running up and down a set of stairs. Then class starts out on “the line” in the gym. I felt as though I was in a twilight zone. Burpees? What? Mountain climber? No thank you… but with each odd look David would explain what he was looking for or show (me mainly) a modified way to do things. I was behind everyone every step of the way. I had sweat pouring down and I knew I looked neither pretty nor cute (I’m from the south, these things count). But at the end of the class as we all stood there in a circle we each had a moment to say one good thing or tough thing about our week and our weight loss trials. All I could come up with “well I didn’t throw up” everyone laughed and clapped and I knew that I was home.
Boot camp has honestly not gotten easier; I don’t think it’s supposed to. I’m the last person a majority of the time, but I’m not as far behind. I think as you get stronger you do more and challenge yourself more and I LOVE that. I get bored easily, but here I don’t.
It’s an encouraging environment, the first time I jogged a lap everyone was encouraging me and I knew that they meant it. We celebrate our achievements and as a group we help push through our shortcomings.

It’s not perfect, cause people aren’t perfect. But class by class I get to be a little better than I was. I get to try a little more…