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Handling Setbacks

I believe that how we handle setbacks is a huge predictor of our success. This holds true in many if not all areas of our lives. In particular I am talking about weight loss, healthy living, and fitness. How we handle setbacks in these areas predicts whether we will succeed, or not.

In the past if I had a setback, I handled it in a few very non-productive ways. If I ate way too much (of what was undoubtedly junk) I might:

  1. Say, oh well, messed up, might as well keep eating for the rest of the day...or the rest of the weekend...or why not the rest of the week. However this often lead to never getting back to making good food choices in proper portions.
  2. Freak out and decide to not eat for the rest of the day. While it might balance out the calories it is definitely not the healthy way to handle things.
  3. Make excuses for myself. Oh, I'm tired, I've had a bad day, it's that time of the month, blah blah blah. This also isn't productive. Being honest with myself is so important. While these may be the reasons I feel hungrier, they are no excuse for a double cheeseburger with fries!
  4. Beat myself up. Yes, being honest with myself is very important, but then beating myself up over that mis-step, that bad choice does nothing but hurt me in the long run.
  5. Over-exercising to 'make up'. Now, I am talking about eating half a pizza and a brownie and then hopping on the treadmill for 2 hours. This isn't healthy. I believe we need to balance out our little splurges with workouts, but the attitude of punishing myself with exercise to beat off that binge is not productive.
Now, when I make bad choices (because that is what we are doing when we eat too much, don't workout, scarf a greasy heart attack in a sack, we are making that choice) I stop, look at the choice I made, and try to look at my feelings and why I made that choice. Then I simply refocus, make a plan of attack to kick it back in gear, and keep going.

I don't always do it as quickly as I'd like. The last 3 weeks I've eaten more calories than I should. Now, it has been good, healthy food, but too many calories of good healthy food still equals no weight loss. I know that I am hungrier from the new workout I've started so I've allowed it, I've made the choice. The consequence however is no weight loss. But I still have goals and hanging out at this weight forever isn't one of them. So, now I have stepped back and looked at where I can tweak things to nourish my body better and not feel so ravenous while still doing this awesome new workout. Things like upping my protein that I'd let slip a bit and making sure I'm drinking my water something else I've let slip. I've made a plan and moved on towards success.

I think that being honest with ourselves and proactive is the best remedy for a setback. Don't beat yourself up, that is the WORST thing to do, but also, don't just say, meh, oh well. Look honestly at the choices you've made. Look at your feelings and emotions surrounding the choice, try to figure out WHY you made that choice. Then dust yourself off, make a plan of attack, and move on to better choices.

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