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Rambling Weekly Recap

Well, how was your week? Mine was busy. Workouts, food tracking, daily life, plus getting ready for a double birthday party this weekend (My youngest boys' b-days are a little over a week apart so we have their party together). Busy.

I changed my weigh ins to Thursday because my rest day on ChaLEAN is moving to Thursday. I had a guest post yesterday, so I didn't do a weigh in post. My weight was 172.5. So, I lost the 1.5 I had gained and am moving back in the right direction. Relieved. 

I didn't do so well posting my food every day. I posted several, but not all. Just didn't get it done. Kind of time consuming taking pics of everything I eat, then tracking in Sparkpeople, then doing a post. I have however tracked every day in Sparkpeople. I will keep that up and probably do food accountability posts a few times a week now. Every day is just a lot. We'll see.

I have been wearing my heart rate monitor all day the last two days. Interesting. Yesterday was my rest day, but I was still cleaning house, went shopping, etc. Fairly active. My heart rate monitor said I only burned 1292 calories all day. Wow. If that is correct that would explain why I can't eat as many calories. Wearing it again today. Information is always good.

I finished up the Burn Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. I will try to get a proper review post on it up soon. Lost 1.5 pounds in that month. I know I would have lost more if my eating hadn't been out of control the first couple of weeks of it. Live and learn. Upped my protein and now not so famished. I have however gotten into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear in YEARS, so must be losing inches. My body fat percentage is now 31.3%. It was 32.4% at the end of March. I started Phase 2 of ChaLEAN, the Push Phase today. Loving it. Bought some 15 pound weights for it. Woo. They are all huge and manly looking. But weights are for girls! (still tweeting #weightsareforgirls often, spreading the love). I felt all awesome buying them. I crack myself up often.
 This is the 5s I used for most of my workouts (I used 8s some too) before ChaLEAN Extreme, next to my new 15s.

Something I have realized this week is that I have become a little overwhelmed with the last bit of weight I have to lose. It seems daunting. I have decided that I need to break down my bigger goal into bite sized smaller goals. So that I can feel that sense of accomplishment and focus on smaller more immediate goals. 

I have 27.5 pounds left to lose. Which might seem like a lot, but after losing 53.5 it seems like the downhill portion to me. Instead of focusing on that number I will break it down into goals of how much I want to try to lose each month. Mentally it just seems better for me that way.

For the remainder of May my goal is to lose 3 more pounds. That will get me under 170. A barrier I have struggled with for a while. It is also my goal to get my hair done. Can't wait. I am finding it so much easier to focus on that 3 pounds than just some airy goal of 'losing weight'.

How was your week? Learn anything new? Any victories you want to share?

Have an awesome weekend everyone!