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Working Out...A Spectator Sport?

I used to work out alone. Only. Either in my room with the door shut or in the living room before everyone got up. I never wanted people to SEE me working out. Yeesh. That would have been tragic. I ran my hubby and kids off if they wandered in. I was way too uncomfortable to have a workout buddy.

I am not sure when this changed. I think it happened little by little. This morning, my hubby and 7 year old got up before I had finished my workout. It was a tough, sweat pouring workout. And they proceeded to watch me finish it.

I said jokingly...This isn't a spectator sport, but it didn't bother me. This sort of thing happens a lot these days. But I no longer feel embarrassed and chase them out. My little boys will even be next to me trying to copy the 'moves' of the workout sometimes.

My kids are always watching. Just by seeing my consistently working out they are learning that being active, working out, is just a part of life. I love that.

Tomorrow morning I will be at Vonda's...she works out at 5:15 with her neighbor...never met this neighbor, but I'll be right there with them working out. Crazy. I would have been way too uncomfortable for something like that, I'm looking forward to it.

Funny how my perspective has changed.

How do you feel about working out in front of other people?