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Monday Miles--Half Marathon Blogroll

image via Wyvern Running

I had planned to do a post about my training plan, but decided to pre-empt that post for a little half marathon blogroll.

Lately there seems to be a half marathon craze amongst bloggers. Everywhere I look is another blogger training for a half marathon. Or possibly I'm just paying more attention because I'm training for one too. Either way, I'm excited to be virtually training with so many of my blogger friends.

I thought it would be fun to put a list together of all the bloggers I know that are training for a half marathon. It seems everywhere I look bloggers are kicking butt and working hard to reach their goal of running 13.1 miles. My message to them: We got this!

Can I get a drum roll? 

Brandon, who is kickin' butt over at So Long, Fat Ass will be tearing it up at the Skinny Raven Half Marathon August 15th.

Mike, who blogs about his running adventures over at Mike's Running Blog will be running the Run to the Rock September 11th.

Suzi, who blogs about her weight loss journey over at OK, Just One More Beer will be running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia on September 19th.

ME. I, uh blog here and will be running the Crossroads marathon in Fort Collins Colorado September, 19th. And gotta say I'm more excited than when I trained for my marathon. Mostly because I know myself better from that experience.

Devon, who blogs about her running and more over at Run Sleep Rinse Repeat is training for three, that's right, three half marathons this fall!

Seth from over at Fit With a Purpose will be running the Roots 'N Blues Half Marathon in Columbia, MO October 2nd.

Shevanne, who blogs about her journey of weight loss, training, and shopping over at Pies & Miles is training to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon October 17th.

Jen, who's keepin' it real over at Jen in Real Life will be rockin' the Atlantic City Half Marathon on October 17th.

Heather, who is running and inspiring and in general hitting her stride over at Hitting My Stride will be running the Nike Women's Half Marathon with Team in Training on October 17th.

Callie, who blogs about her journey to a healthier lifestyle over at The Wannabe Athlete plans to run the Women's Running Half Marathon in St Petersburg on Nov. 21.

Carla, who is her own superhero (and many of ours too) over at MizFitOnline  is headed to Vegas baby for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon December 5th...gotta say if I can at all figure out the $ I'll be there too!

Leah who is chief mom over at Bookieboo will be running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Vegas as well...too much awesomeness for one race, yes?

Dani who is just good people over at (in my humble opinion) is going to train for the Music City Half Marathon April 30, 2011. Another one I'd love to be at if I had the bucks!

Crazy, fun, inspiring, wonderful group we bloggy runners are, yes?

Go check out their blogs, cheer them on! I know that's nothing near a complete list, not to mention those like Steve and Jess who've recently done a half. 

Are you training for a half...or any other race? Give yourself a shout out in the comments! 

Also, I'm curious do you find it easier to train with friends/cheerleaders or alone?