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The Positivity Project

As I mentioned in yesterday's post one of my new goals is to have a more positive attitude, and in specific to SAY positive things. Whether I particularly feel like saying positive things...or not.

I think a positive attitude is important. I also believe that speaking positive things is important. I really feel like when I say negative things my attitude and my day follow suit. Likewise when I say positive things, even when I really have to search for them, my day and attitude still follow suit. Words definitely have the power to build people up or tear them down, and that includes ourselves.

I envy people who are naturally more glass half full, sunshine, and rainbows. That's actually not my natural bent. I am more the one who will tell you everything that could possibly go wrong with your new plan. Most of my life I have spent negative, pessimistic, and even critical.

I am not sure when I decided to change that. But I did make a choice. I have to practice to be positive. It's been hard work, but I think I'm getting there. I'm sure the people in my life appreciate it!

Lately I've been realizing that I let my feelings dictate my words way more than I should. I mean, just because I wake up in the morning and 'feel' fat. Does not mean I need to say "I feel so fat today" or worse "I'm so fat". Those words do NOTHING good for me. In fact, just the opposite, they hurt me!

 This happened to me the other morning. I woke up just feeling downright tubby. Now, I hadn't gone off track with my eating or exercising and I'd guess I was the exact same weight as the day before, but for some crazy reason I felt huge. I remarked to my sister in a text how crazy it was, and obviously utter nonsense. And I moved on with my day.

The next morning I woke up and felt 'thin'. Whatever! I was the same size both days. My point here is that sometimes our feelings can be a little deceptive. I think it's important to choose to say positive things even when we're not necessarily feeling it. I mean really, what can it hurt?

Today is day 2 of my little positivity project. I am getting up every morning and SAYING positive today is going to be amazing, or amazing things are going to happen get the picture.

The funny thing? So far, I've been right.

What do you think? Do you think it matters if we speak positive or negative things on a regular basis?