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Q & A With Alexandra and Kymberly from

If you haven't yet visited you definitely should. Alexandra and Kymberly serve up fitness advice with a healthy side of humor over at their place. I love their quirkiness on Twitter and thought my blog could use some humor so I asked them to do a little Q & A with me.

Alexandra and Kymberly,

Q1 Tell me something about yourself that you think the world simply must know.

A: Must know? Um, I am hot and have super powers. I can make my own mind disappear, then replace it with carbonation just to hear the fizzy popping sounds. I’m a pretty good baker and have an organic garden that I am exceptional at almost killing. My husband sneaks out and rescues it on a regular basis.

K: I really have no twin. She is a figment of someone’s imagination. Oh, and if anyone is that imaginative, can you please imagine me as super fit and beyond buff? One other thing the world must know is that I speak 5 languages, so don’t mess with me. Well, do mess with me as it will be fun. Languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Alexandrese (this last language is really a dialect and quite difficult to understand and appreciate).

Q2 What made you want to have a career in fitness?

A: Free travel. I had an offer to come teach in Berlin so I quickly learned a few 1980s aerobic moves, and took my leotards and legwarmers to spend a summer teaching in Europe. What kept me after that was the discovery that I could make money doing something really fun. And I truly do enjoy being with people. Way more than they enjoy being with me, but there you have it.

K: I used to look really good in aerobics gear and I knew how to make the most of the double leg warmer/ bandana look.  Having only 42 pfennigs left to my name while living in West Berlin was pretty motivating, since the job I was perfect for was at the first fitness studio on the European continent. Plus the Berlin Fussball team I joined did not pay.  I wore soccer cleats well too, back in the day.

Q3 OK, really, who's idea was

A: Kymberly’s. I was already fun. I was already fit. One day she came home with an “and” that was on sale and announced we were going to do a humorous fitness advice column together. I am still trying to figure out what she meant by “together.”

K: Mine, all mine as will be all the future big bucks and proceeds from this endeavor. Does that sound too humble or should I reword it?

Q4 What do you hope people come away from your blog with?

A: Printouts of our avatar. Who can resist those glasses? While they’re there, though, I do hope they discover that we offer realistic, effective, safe, researched advice.

K: The desire to get busy, be active, laugh a little, have a fun life. I’d really like it if they were moved to pick up the phone and book us to speak at a convention or sales meeting or block party or book club meeting.

Q5 Who's the funnier twin?

A: Due to familial loyalty (and the legal injunction Kymberly took out on me), I cannot let you know that it is I.

K: Alexandra. Oh, wait did you mean funnier looking or funnier sense of humor?

Q6  Crunch time. Your single best piece of fitness advice for my readers. (Jeopardy music playing)

A: Quit playing that crappy Jeopardy song. My other advice is to have realistic goals and just take things 1 step at a time. So many people think they have to do everything right away, and they end up in pain and discouraged. Don’t try to change everything at once; change one thing at a time. If you can’t live without Ben & Jerry’s “Americone Dream,” keep it. Change something else. That way you’ll be successful. And my grand is a lifestyle, not a diet. Why do something that has the word “die” in it?

K: Listen to my sister. She knows what she’s talking about.

Thanks Alexandra and Kymberly! 
They always make me giggle. Laughter is the best medicine, yes?
Everyone check out their hilarious yet helpful blog seriously...go.