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Awesome By August Week 3 Weigh In

SO sorry for the huge delay for this post. My weekend had a big case of the crazies.

Before we get down to business I just want to say I am so humongously proud of everyone who has stuck it through on this challenge!! Proud of you that are rocking it, proud of you that are making steady progress, and proud of you that have held yourselves accountable even when the scale went the wrong way. You rock, all of you!!

We are all truly Awesome by August!! We were pretty cool already though.

OK, now down to business. Here are the standings:
  1. Shannon H 5.59%
  2. Julia K 5.39%
  3. Trish 5.18%
  4. Chris D 4.23%
  5. Julie H 3.73%
  6. Melissa 3.31%
  7. Erin D 3.33%
  8. Cierra B 2.99%
  9. Hannah 2.73%
  10. Lynda Q 2.6%
  11. Shelli C 2.58%
  12. Kelly W 2.38%
  13. Michelle P 2.27%
  14. Larissa Y 2.16%
  15. Shannon A 1.88%
  16. David H 1.81%
  17. Della M 1.63%
  18. Cassie B 1.62%
  19. Ginesa S 1.41%
  20. Beth J 1.36%
  21. Lynette S 1.32%
  22. Kerri O 1.13%
  23. Karen Q 0.64%
  24. Ivie E 0.21%
  25. Brooke 0.09%
  26. Steve G -0.71%
OK everyone...last week! Make sure you have your final weigh in pics to me by midnight this Friday the 6th (or you're not eligible for prizes).

Good luck everyone!