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Awesome Workout Challenge

Can you tell I like the word awesome?

Are you tried of it yet? LOL. I'm not.

OK, so Steve and I have both been quite the slackers lately in the weight loss department. Weight loss bloggers not losing weight...what the? No excuses here, we know it. We both went through the entire Awesome by August challenge quite lackluster; we definitely did not give it our all as we should have. 

So, we've cooked up a workout challenge as a sort of kick in the pants to motivate ourselves to GET MOVING in the right direction again. Of course it's called THE AWESOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE!! Twitter hashtag: #awesomeworkoutchallenge

Basically for every comment you leave over on Steve's post today we will workout for 30 seconds. Now, Steve and I are totally crazy in pretty good shape in spite of the extra weight we carry. I've ran a marathon and Steve has run a half. We're used to good hard workouts, so comment, comment, comment, then just for good measure, comment some more!

Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. We would love that. But be aware this could get lengthy. (Yes, Steve's comments and my comments will count towards the total time, and yes we will torture each other with plenty of comments). Everyone should participate at their ability. Challenge yourself to do 30 minutes with us, 60 minutes, whatever is a little bit of a stretch for you. Or challenge yourself by walking the whole time, split the time up into multiple workouts, whatever works for you. Just get moving with us!

I will be doing whatever the total time is in one workout this Sunday (when hubby is home to watch the kids). I am pledging to run the entire thing, unless it gets above 100 minutes (no hurting myself here), then I'll run that and walk the remainder of the time. 

Comments are closed here, please go to Steve's Post and comment, comment, comment!