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Monday Miles...Tuesday Edition?!

It's Tuesday. Yep, really, I checked the calendar and everything. After my crazy weekend and busy Monday I was able to get up the Awesome by August weigh in post, but Monday Miles had to wait until today. Ah, we go.

I ran a completely unplanned 5k race on Sunday! Well, I decided Saturday I'd run it, so planned for a day I guess. It rocked. It was hot and heat is my nemesis, but I finished in 32:54 (give or take, didn't check official time) and dang I needed it.

Mentally, I needed it. I needed to see all my hard work was adding up to something. I needed to burn all the junk outta my head. I needed to see I could still do it. To see that I was not toiling in vain here. After a week of less than stellar eating (frosted mini wheats AND raisin bran for lunch, yes please?) I was feeling mentally defeated. I began doubting whether I could DO a half marathon. Whether I could continue eating well and losing weight. Whether all of this hard work was really worth it. Yep, that's where my head went last week. Nuts, but true.

Physically I needed it. I needed to work out HARD. I needed to pour sweat (and the weather cooperated with this--HOT) and suck a little wind. I needed to push myself. I needed to pass people on the uphills. I needed that feeling of a job well done. I needed all of it.

I'm glad I made myself run it, it was just what I needed. I needed to know I can still do it. I know that now. I needed to remind myself how far I've come...and that I'm awesome. Check and check.

And now..I feel better. Like I've had a reset. Like I'm ready to take it all on again...this whole healthy living thing.

This weight loss thing can really tax me mentally and emotionally. When it drags on and on at a slow pace it's easy to feel defeated and ready to give up. It's easy to lose site of the finish line and wander of course. Luckily, there's always a reset, a restart, a new day. This is life. Giving up is never an option.

How do you get back on track?