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Crazy Weekend

How was your weekend?

Mine was jam packed...of just good old getting things done.

Hubby had to work Saturday, so I dug in and did a ton of cleaning while watching You Tube distracts me from the whole I'm cleaning thing. I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, living room, and caught up on laundry. Yay! It was seriously needing the scoop shovel treatment after my depression issues. It feels good to have things semi normal again.

Then, Sunday I went grocery shopping early. Stocked up with lots of healthy yumminess. I even bought some honey crisp apples because I keep hearing about them lately...gotta say they're 'spensive.

When I got back we headed out to my parents with hubby's skidster to help my dad pour some concrete.

We came home hot and exhausted. 

So, there's my weekend...what do you not see? Well, there was no working out or writing. I guess today I have my work cut out for me. I have a lot of writing ideas to tackle and some serious working out to hit...sheesh, I better get moving!