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Discouragement Kills Hope

I believe that hope is one of the most important things necessary for weight loss. Strong statement? Maybe, but I stand by it. We must have hope that we will succeed, hope that we can live a healthy fit life, hope to get us through the tough stuff. Hopelessness is our enemy here. If we allow ourselves to become hopeless it's virtually impossible to continue our weight loss attempts.

I also believe that discouragement left to run rampant in our minds and in our hearts has the power to kill that hope. Little by little when we allow ourselves to think discouraging thoughts the hope is choked out. "I can't do this, I'm a failure, ugh did you seriously just eat that?, why is this so hard?, this is impossible, I'll never reach my goal weight..." When we allow discouraging words to escape our mouths that hope is stomped on a bit more. "I screwed up again, I can't get this, what a loser I am..." When we allow discouragement to take hold of our attitudes and emotions hope goes down for a third time. Lastly when this discouragement seems to take over our choices our hope is but a glimmer. "Oh well, I'm not losing weight anyway, may as well eat that whole pan of brownies."

But we don't have to let this be. 

I realized this morning that discouragement is the root of this funk I've been in. I've allowed myself to become discouraged. I've thought discouraging thoughts; I've said discouraging things to and about myself. Discouragement has taken hold of my attitude and my emotions, and has begun to take over my choices.

I, however, refuse to lose hope. 
Time to clear out the discouragement and replace it with positivity, with belief, and with hope.

I wouldn't think and say these things about or to others, so why allow myself to think and say this nonsense to myself? If a friend struggles with weight loss, do I say, "well, why did you eat that, you can't do this, loser!" Um, no. I say things like, "you got this, you can do it, I'm here for you."

I have control over what I think and say. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but I do. I have allowed this discouragement to creep in and take hold and I can also show it the door. 
Right now everything else is secondary while I work on this. For now, my goals are:
  • Every single time I think a discouraging thought I will come back with a positive one. 
  • I will on purpose think positive, encouraging things. 
  • I will deliberately say positive things to and about myself. I can do that. 
  • No more discouraging words will be allowed to escape my lips. 
  • I will not let my attitude be overcome by discouragement, I will choose a positive attitude every day.
  • I will not make choices out of discouragement.
  • I will be diligent here. Discouragement is not taking my hope!