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Oh Running, Did You Miss Me?

I think I've found my running mojo...wooo! It was in the crack in the couch, you know, where the change and toys and cheerios always wind up? OK, not really, but it's been misplaced for a few weeks. I took a step back and worked on some other things...and now...I'm ready to RUN! 

I'll be training for a local 5k on October 15th and then I'll pick another goal. I'm so excited to be training again. 

As it changes from summer into fall I'll have to change a few things though. 

First, I'm going to buy a pair of trail shoes. One easy way for me to fit a run in is to go to my dad's (he's retired and will watch kiddos)...and run his field/pasture 'roads'...Cowpaths is more like it. Hence the need for some good trail shoes. I've practically ruined regular white shoes out there before.

I've also come to terms with the fact that some of my training will have to be on my treadmill. I've had sort of a hate/hate relationship with my treadmill for a while. It's almost uncomfortable to run on it sometimes. But with our homeschooling schedule and fall weather I will make nice with my treadmill.

My training schedule for the 5k will be: one day of speedwork and one or two more days of 3-5 mile runs. Then, I'll go from there. 

Let the training commence! 

How about you, what are you training for? What do you have to change for your fall/winter running?