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The Craziest Thing I've Done To Lose Weight--Kristy

There once was a girl who enjoyed drinking Pepsi and eating bagels everyday for breakfast. What she didn’t enjoy was all the sadness pouring from her actions and thoughts. One day she pretended to be brave and walked into a Weight Watchers meeting.  Her life was forever changed. In less than 18 months she lost over 75 pounds! After going from size 18 to size 6 her confidence skyrocketed. She was surrounded by applauds but she still whispered to herself “you can be happy when…” During her time on Weight Watchers numbers distracted her. There was no time for self-discovery or repair.  There was a race to win!

Along came an unexpected opportunity from a local radio station contest – an all expense paid trip to California.  Her vulnerable naive soul boarded the plane to Hollywood, California with the hope that she would finally be deemed worthy.  That’s all she’s ever wanted.

The story picks up here…

Cocktails at Mario Batali’s restaurant “Mozza”

A suite at the Hollywood “W” Hotel

Tickets to the 2010 Oscars

Mingling with celebrities

Dinner at the Elton John Viewing Party

$500 Cash

It seemed like a fairytale.

She looked different.  She felt different. She was greeted differently.

She was dressed in skin that didn’t feel of her own.

The emotions. The pressure. The exposure. She didn’t have time to measure her surroundings or process the unethical situations.

She never learned to hear her own voice so she had no way to speak up! She continued to undervalued her integrity and over analyzed others opinions.

The company that accommodated her stay had a visible established clique and she was an outcast trying to fit in. She dreamed of her adult life being different than her youth.

They skipped breakfast and lunch so she did too.

They took appetite suppressants so she wanted to.

They had poor values but she didn’t feel strong enough to stand-alone.

After days of drinking her “breakfast and lunch” which consisted of champagne, wine and mix drinks and eating just one round meal LATE at night her body began to beg for respect. She ignored her selfish and shallow her actions.  She allowed herself to become victim of peer pressure. Plain and simple.

When her boyfriend saw her he cringed. The effects of her choices were in his eyes. He pleaded for her curves to return but she reminded herself “you can be happy when”...

For about two weeks she was able to maintain the starvation appetite suppression plan.

Breakfast – 2 PillsWATER. Water. And water.

Lunch – A light salad.

Dinner – Reasonably portioned balanced protein, veggie, carb meal and a pill.

That Friday she went for a simple run of just 2 miles. Her body started to tingle. Her head spun and black spots appeared. Her limbs were non-responsive and her innocent lips were pale as faint lily lack paper.

As the infamous Caitlin would say this was her final “healthy tipping point”.

Since she has been reborn. She is working on developing a loving relationship with herself and can finally hear her body. She focuses on eating nutritious wholesome foods that fuel her for her new found passions…. like training for her first half marathon!

Fewer numbers. More memories! She finally has control and power over her life.  She is living her “love song”.

Note from the author: I’m sharing with the hope that if you are struggling to find the strength to conquer believe is your strongest amour. For me the journey is as important as the reward.

Be kind to you! Actually live your lives the way you want to!

**Thanks Kristy for the awesome guest post!