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Fear is a Liar

Today I struggled, today I faltered, today I doubted, today I was bombarded with fear. 

This morning I had a good long cry and a little prayer. 

I wrestled with some huge fears and admitted to myself that I'm ever so slightly terrified. Terrified that I cannot do what I've set out to do. Terrified that I won't reach these huge goals I've set. Terrified I'll let my family down and let myself down. Terrified I'm not good enough.

I looked at all the work I have before me to reach my goals, and all the things that need done in my day to day life at the same time, and fear told me I could never do it, that it's impossible. Fear is a liar.

I'm not a crier, but after this mornings, er, mini breakdown, I feel better. I let all those fears and doubts out. I prayed. I feel release.

I will no longer allow fear to rule my life. It may keep knocking at the door, but I choose not to answer. Fear is a liar.

Fear tells me I can't. Fear tells me I won't. Fear is a liar.

I know that I CAN do these things I've set out to do. I know that I WILL reach these huge goals I've set. 

I choose not to listen when the fear comes. Fear is a liar.

I choose to remain positive. I choose to keep working hard. I choose to press forward. I choose to believe I can, I will.

I choose hope over fear. Fear is a liar.