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Friday Favorite--Weights Are For Girls

This is one of my favorite posts, and an important message I, please enjoy this Friday favorite: 
I love strength training. I love the changes I am seeing in my body from it. I love my new found muscles. I love feeling strong and capable. I love how I feel I stand tall now. I know that once I get a little more fat off of the top that I have a pretty good looking bod underneath! I think however that a lot of women are still a little afraid of strength training. Afraid that it will make them  big, bulky, manly looking.

Most women actually have a tough time bulking up. It would take a lot, and even a little artificial help for the average woman to get big muscles. I gain muscle fairly easily for a woman and it would take a lot for me to look manly muscly creepy.

Strength training is good for us!

Muscles burn calories. More muscle means more calories burnt every day no matter what we do. This becomes increasingly important as we age and our metabolism slows.

Strength training creates strong ligaments and tendons, which serve to support our joints and decrease the likelihood of injury from other activities. Bone density increases dramatically, reducing our risk of osteoporosis. Strength training enhances quality of life, as it enables us to better perform daily activities that require lifting, pushing and pulling. The physical and spiritual benefits of strength training are myriad, and when realized, the goal no longer becomes a "hardbody", but the confidence and control that strength training teaches us.

Muscles are sexy! 

Can you really look at the pics in this post and argue that fact? When I peruse through an Oxygen magazine, those are the physiques I aim for, not the skinny Hollywood waifs:
Muscles give us curves and just make our bodies look hot. No way around that!

My doctor encouraged me to continue my strength training regimen last time I visited. He told me that he sure wished many of his elderly patients had strength trained in their adult lives.

I think many well intending people will often tell you NOT to strength train when you are trying to lose weight. I completely disagree. As my body composition changes I love what I am seeing. And those muscles are going to torch more calories! My jeans were a little tight around the thighs when I first started strength training, possibly from muscles retaining water...but they sure aren't anymore! They are baggy.

I don't want a Hollywood waif body. I want a strong body, I want a capable body, I want to run and play and lift my kids. I want to live and live healthy.
Don't be afraid of weights ladies. Be wise, be educated on how to strength train. Start slow and work your way up. But DO strength train. Whether you want to lose weight or just be healthy. Pick up the weights.

In an effort to encourage women to strength train I will be tweeting #weightsareforgirls join me?

I am just a blogger, not a doctor or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet or new workout program.