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Insanity Vlog 2--Nutrition Plan Review

OK, I ramble a bit in the review vlog (me...ramble...surely not), but basically I like the nutrition plan included with the Insanity program. It seems sensible and close to how I eat currently, with the exception of more grains. I will adjust it a bit by choosing the meals that don't include some of the grains/carbs I don't eat (like bread). I am not exactly ditching Primal eating, but will be including oatmeal for the time being. For whatever reason I've been craving oatmeal like crazy. To me a little oatmeal with whey protein and some berries isn't the end of the world! I mean, really (Primal peeps are welcome to tell me why I should ditch the oatmeal). I'm going to try this plan for the duration of the program mapped out on the calendar that comes with Insanity. I'd like to be able to give the overall program a full review at the end.

Disclaimer: I am not a Beach Body Coach or affiliated with Beach Body, I receive no compensation for referrals to my Beach Body Coach (although it's my sis, so if you're going to buy anyway click on that link to do it :), I bought the Insanity program myself and opinions as always are 100% honest and my own.

Question: does the yellow background in the vlogs look funny?'s kind of bugging me!