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Look Out Holiday Weight Gain...I'm Coming For You

Oh ya. It's November.

You know what that means. Thanksgiving is just around the corner...and then...Christmas...and then...New Years Eve...

That time is here. That time of the year that can be challenging (to put it mildly) to those of us trying to lose weight and be fit. Even those trying to maintain their weight are put to the test during the holiday season. Parties, gatherings, celebrations aka food in extravagant, decadent, fat/sugar/calorie laden abundance. We will face these things over and over and over again...for months.
This year the holidays better watch weight gain best just move along...nothing to see here!
Holidays schmolidays....I have goals, I have plans, I have dreams waiting for me. Just like everything else in my life now: I have set goals, I have written them down, and I have made plans for how I will make them happen. I. Believe. In me.

This year there will be much less this:
And much more this:
This will be the first post of many on beating holiday weight gain. Join me in caring for yourself this holiday season, join me in not giving up and putting your goals off until the New Year, join me in kicking holiday weight gain's butt!

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