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Blogger Labels

Healthy living bloggers, foodie bloggers, fitness bloggers, runner bloggers, weight loss bloggers...are just some of the labels I hear. 

And I wonder: where do I fit? What am I, exactly?

I've tossed around the label healthy living blogger in some of my bios..but that doesn't seem quite right. I run, but am I a running blogger? I eat, but my blog isn't just about food, so I guess scratch foodie blogger off the list (somehow I don't think I'm cool enough for that niche anyway). I'm big into fitness, but am I a fit blogger? I don't quite feel qualified. Weight loss blogger I can identify with most I guess...but that doesn't really tell the whole picture. My blog is a lot about product there such a niche? 

I struggle with these labels. To which niche do I belong? Which blogger label do I affix proudly to my bios? Which tribe do I call home?

No clue. But what I do know is that I love my little blog here and plan to keep doing what I've done the past year, whether it fits neatly into a blogging label or not. I know that through my blog and twitter I've made so many wonderful friends this past year...from across the bloggy labels...and for that I'm thankful.

How about you...if you blog what do you consider yourself? What do you think about these labels, niches?