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The Month I Lost 14.5 Pounds

That is what December 2010 will be remembered as.

Before you start lecturing me about 1 to 2 pounds a week, yada yada. Please hear my heart on this.

I set a goal of ringing in the New Year in the 160's. Then proceeded to mess around and go from 184 to 187 and now back to 184 since then. I have a habit of doing this in my life and I have had enough.

I didn't run my half marathon. I didn't enter to win a Fitbloggin ticket. I haven't finished my book. I sit right now at about the same weight I was last year this time. I get right up to the line where I can see success and good things and I fold. I've always prided myself in life as being someone who DOES what she says she is going to do. But is that true? Sure I've got excuses, and reasons (excuses in disguise), but the fact is: I'm afraid. 

Fear is STILL holding me back. ENOUGH!

I made that goal and come hell or high water I am going to see it through. Period.

This is not about starvation or crazy antics. This is about work. I will DO THE WORK. There are 4.5 weeks in December. To lose 14.5 pounds I need to lose roughly 3 pounds a week. I've done it before. I know what it takes and I am committed...holidays or no holidays to REACH THIS GOAL.

I am digging in, I'm pulling out all the stops, I am ditching the excuses, I am making myself a priority, I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway, I am going to do the work, I am responsible

I need this success like nothing I've needed in my life before.