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The 4 Hour Body--Final Results, Review, and Bagging It

Today will be my last day on The 4 Hour Body. Final stats:

Starting Weight180
Week 1 Weight: 179  Week 2: 178  Week 3: 178
Starting Body Fat %33.3 
Week 1 BF %: 32.3 Week 2: 32.2  Week 3: 32.2
Starting BMI: 29          
Week 1: BMI 28.9 Week 2: 28.7 Week 3: 28.7
Right 12 3/4" Left 12 1/2"  Week 1:same Week 2: same Week 3: same
Waist(at belly button): 37 1/2"     Week 1:37 1/4  Week 2: same  Week 3: 37
Hips: 44"   Week 1:same  Week 2: 43 1/2" Week 3: 43 1/2
Legs(mid thigh): 
Right 22" Left 22" Week 1:same  Week 2: same Week 3: R and L 21 3/4

All told in 3 weeks on The 4 Hour Body plan I lost: 2 pounds, 1.1% body fat, and 1 1/2 inches total. I followed the diet plan in the book. Did the supplements and cinnamon suggested. And even experimented some with cold showers and ice water first thing in the morning. Now, it's not the results I'm disappointed with. It's the results in comparison with the claims made and also relative to the strictness of the plan.

Yes, I am bagging it in week 3 and not going the full 30 days. Why? 

  1. This plan is just too hard for me to stick to. Even just the diet and not everything else in the book. I am craving healthy things like MAD. Things like my beloved Coach's Oats and fruit. The one day off plan is nice, but doesn't curb my cravings as I'd hoped. It's not like I'm cravings candy bars and soda here!
  2. It is magnifying my obsession and constant thinking about food. 
  3. Sort of an extension of the first: the results aren't earth shattering enough for me to WANT to stick to it any longer than I have.
  4. There are a LOT of things to do, just so. I've been told I'm not doing the plan right. Well, I did it to the best of my ability and really, stuck to the book very well. As I tracked over at Adventures in Tracking. If it requires perfection I'd wager no one can give that.
  5. Weight loss isn't worth all that craziness to me. Before trying this plan I would have said I'd do just about anything to lose this weight. Turns out, not so much (and I don't think this is a bad thing!). I was absolutely not willing to take ice baths and all the other craziness in the pursuit of fat loss. Also, the supplements were a lot to shell out.
  6. It just doesn't work for me.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. It really is an interesting read. I love how it's unconventional and not your typical health and fitness book. I think there are a lot of really great tips and research included. I loved his focus on data and all the geeked out stuff. (Yes, I read every footnote). I will take away from it several tips (especially workout tips) and suggestions. If you can weed out what will help you and what won't it's definitely worth reading. But the fat loss plan as a whole...not for me. It is just too strict for such little results. I could second guess why this is all day, perhaps it's because I was already eating very clean and pretty low carb, perhaps it's the change in the Zodiac?...but quite simply, I can go back to lower carbs, tracking my calories in and out and get as good or better results, minus the insane cravings. 

Things I did enjoy:
  1. The off plan day. I think I will keep this in general now that I know I can do it without freak out binging.
  2. The weights workouts focused on lifting heavier and slower (5/5 cadence) and the abs moves.
  3. The recipes I dug up while on this plan. But these didn't come from the book, I searched them out in magazines, etc. These recipes will definitely stay in my rotation.
  4. Not feeling hungry. If I ever re-visit this plan it will be for this reason. Often I feel under-lying hunger constantly, this plan crushed that.
So, is this book hype or help? I'm am going to say hype. For two reasons:
  • The claims made just didn't pan out for me. Yes, many others claim to have lost tons of weight, but in my test on myself this didn't happen.
  • It is really hard to stick to. I enjoyed it the first week, and it was downhill from there.
And...if you need me I'll be luxuriously having some oats and fruit...

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