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The 4-Hour Body--My Plan and Beginning Stats

Well, here are my starting stats for The 4 Hour Body Test. Both BMI and Body Fat % will be taken from my OMRON HBF-306. Keeping as consistent as possible with time of day and hydration when taking these measurements. I've never really taken measurements, very eye opening!

Starting Weight: 180 pounds
Body Fat %: 33.3
BMI: 29
Arms (mid-bicep):  Right 12 3/4" Left 12 1/2"
Waist (at belly button): 37 1/2"
Hips: 44"
Legs (mid thigh): Right 22" Left 22"

Diet: 6 days a week I will be sticking mostly to the starred foods on page 72 of The 4-Hour Body. Definitely to only  foods from that page. I’ve already been scrounging for recipes to avoid boredom. There are 3  I found in my Jan/Feb copy of Muscle & Fitness Hers that are perfect!

Then on the seventh day I will have a high calorie day. He calls it a cheat day or even a binge day. I’m just not comfortable with looking at it that way because of my food issues. So, for the seventh day I’ll be adding things that are missing from the other six along with some treats. For instance: my beloved Coach’s Oats, dairy, and fruit. And then there will be some peanut butter cup ice cream or ooey gooey Starbucks treats on that day too. Strictly in keeping with the spirit of putting the diet 'as is' to the test ;) But no eating until I’m sick. Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.

I will also be trying the little tricks he mentions in the book such as cinnamon and eating protein within an hour of waking, as well as the supplements he recommends (including what he calls PAGG).

All of this I will track in pictures over at

Workouts: There are several different workout plans he lays out in the book, depending on your goals. The one that most fits my goals is built around kettlebells. Problem being: I don’t have any. I debated this, but since I’ve already shelled out for the book and the supplements (and I’m obviously doing this just for fun and not getting paid for it) I’m not going to go buy kettlebells right now. So for workouts I’ll be following a lot of his suggestions on workouts, like the abs exercises he suggests and the frequency of weights workouts he discusses, but not a plan to the letter. Although the diet claim is that you can lose without exercise I’m also not willing to give up the hard work I’ve done in building my exercise habit for this little experiment. Not that he says you shouldn’t exercise, just that the diet will help you lose weight even if you don’t. So I’ll be doing weights, running, etc as usual, just taking his recommendations into account.

So, that's my plan. How about you? Have you read the 4-Hour Body? Started a new diet or fitness plan?