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5 Ways to Ditch the Scale

5 Creative Ways to Rid Yourself of Scale Anxiety
  1. Stand at your back door (AFTER clearing the area) and toss your scale into the air as high as you can. Come on, make that puppy catch some air.
  2. Sledge hammer. Nuff said.
  3. Place your scale behind car tire. Run over. Repeat as many times as needed.
  4. Mail it to: 'Santa Claus, North Pole' including no return address.
  5. Firmly tell it you are more than just a number and put it away in a cupboard.
Since quitting The 4 Hour Body the scale has inched up a pound or two. No big deal really, but what is a big deal is the obsessing that I've done over it. A little something like this:

"Oh crap, what's that about? Maybe I should go back on that plan. Maybe I should change my entire workout plan. Maybe I'm eating too many carbs. Should I jump feet first into some other crazy plan? Oh crap, can I really do this, can I reach my goals doing what I think works best for me? Will I always be fat? It's water weight...It's muscle weights it's, it's....Aaaaaaaargh!"

Ya, something like that. I refuse to obsess over the scale. Just not going to do it. So, I've chosen option number 5, although I have fantasized about choosing options 1 through 4. For a while (not sure how long) I won't be weighing in. Instead I will focus on my choices. I will also continue to take occasional measurements, unless of course those bug me, then those are history too.

To me it's more about being all around 'well' and sometimes that means ditching the numbers when I begin to regress and obsess.

What do you do when the scale is getting the best of you?