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A Little Extra Incentive

I just found out there is gong to be a big family BBQ for my mom's side of the family April 17th. 

You know the kind...lots of family I haven't seen forever...and the last time I saw many of them I was...uh, fat. 

So, I'm on fire to stay committed the next few months. Even more than I was before! (And I've been pretty fired up this year.) How awesome will I feel showing up all smokin' hot? Oh, did I type that out loud?!

OK, so maybe that's not the best attitude to have, but I say: so what?! 

So what if it lights a little extra fire under me? 

So what if I'd revel in the compliments and jaw-drops?

Heck, motivation comes from all sources, and right now, I'm going with it! 

No, we shouldn't wait until some reunion or wedding to 'start' our healthy living quest. But I see nothing wrong in embracing this as extra motivation along the way. 

What do you think? Do special events spur you on more? you suppose I can get away with wearing my marathon medal....what? Too much?