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Muscle & Fitness hers Review

I thought I'd share and review some of the fitness magazines I've been reading lately. I love fitness magazines for the tips, information, and inspiration. How about you?

My absolute favorite magazine right now: Muscle & Fitness hers
I like this magazine so much that I subscribed recently. In an effort to de-clutter around here I now only subscribe to a few select magazines (at the moment only 2). All the rest I only pick up once in a while when they catch my eye with something interesting. 

In the most recent issue (Jan/Feb) of M&F hers I have loved the recipes the most. Several fit perfectly with The 4 Hour Body Plan I'm on and were absolutely delicious. From this issue I've made the: Chicken & Black Bean Chili; Turkey Sausage, Kale, White Bean & Tomato Stew; and Chicken Ratatouille. All of these recipes were fabulous! Not just so, so, good for a healthy recipe, but really yummy. Hubby and kiddos even loved.

Aside from the recipes I also enjoy:
  • The fit models this magazine uses. Their physiques truly inspire. Not uber thin waifs, but strong women. Muscles galore, yes please. 
  • The 'day in the life' feature which shows the exercise, eating, and schedule of very fit women. I find it fascinating. 
  • The 'Buyer's Guide' at the end of the magazine. It tells you where you can buy the outfits models are wearing throughout the magazine. I thought that was nice, I hate it when you see some super cute workout capris and have no idea where they're from. 
  • The workouts. There are many different workouts given. All with great pictures and instructions.
M & F hers has lots of great articles, recipes, and workouts. I enjoy the layout of the magazine and the content. The only thing that's a little annoying is all the 'fat-burner' type ads (Hydroxycut, etc). They abound (although I think Oxygen may be worse for this). Easily overlooked in my opinion. I realize a magazine has got to pay the bills. As I said, my favorite magazine right now, I give it 4 1/2 stars.

Have you ever read Muscle & Fitness hers?