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Running Update

I haven't talked about my running much lately. Mostly because there hasn't been much to talk about! The cold weather and shorter days along with my dislike for my treadmill have curtailed my running the last few months...excuse, excuse, excuse. 

Enough of the excuse making. I ran through crazy weather while training for my marathon! What's a little snow and cold? I just need to get creative.

Hubby leaves for work when it is still dark and doesn't get home until it is dark, so my plan is to get runs in on Saturday and Sunday when he is home all day. Then when the days get longer again I'll return to early morning runs before he leaves. I may also include one day of interval running on my treadmill, need to work on my speed.

I got new New Balance shoes and a Polar heart rate monitor with foot pod, but haven't put them to much work so far this new year. I ran with them today down at the track for some speed work (my first outdoor run in months, hooray). Love playing with new gear! Hey, whatever motivates us, right?

My goal for this year is a sub 30 minute 5k. My fastest so far was 32:50. I decided I needed a race to get me motivated and focused. Having one on the calendar works wonders! My first attempt to break 30 minutes will be April 16th. This is the race I pr'd in last year. It's a good race: small, local to my sister, around the lake, easy course, lots of fun. I have plenty of time to work on my speed (and weight loss which always helps my speed) until then. I sat down today and added my running to my workout calendar.

I'm excited, I'm focused, hooray! I'm back in the running groove. 

How about you? Do you run? Any races on your calendar yet?