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Stretching Myself

I've shared some of my 2011 healthy living goals with you all, but I'd also like to share some of my other, just general life goals. Healthy living encompasses so much more than just diet and exercise!

In 2011 I plan to:

  1. Face fears. I've talked some in the past about how much fear has held me back. I've overcome many, but it still has a hold on my life. This year I plan to look these fears in the face. I'll do things afraid if I must, but I'm not backing down from fear anymore! Just because we feel the emotion of fear doesn't mean we have to let it win in our lives.
  2. Step outside of my comfort zone. A lot. I am so in my head all the time, always thinking, planning, second guessing. All the while safely planted in my comfort zone. Well, this year I will deliberately do things to stretch myself, things out of my comfort zone. Not in a crazy-unsafe way, but in a trying new things, making my life what I want it to be kind of way. Seriously, there's so many things outside my tiny little comfort zone it's nuts. Sushi? Never had it. Leaving the house without makeup? Are you crazy? Those are trivial examples, but the list is long...and it's about to get shorter.
These goals are so tied in and enmeshed with so many of my other goals it's hard to separate any of them. I guess they're sort of my theme for these next months. I think they tie in very much with healthy living. My mind must also be healthy for me to be a truly healthy and whole person.