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Healthy Living Lessons From my Kids

We really can learn a lot from our kids. If left to their own devices, for the most part, kids seem to know what to choose, what to do to be healthy. Granted society has marketed much junk at them, but it's our job as parents to wade through that. I think we all probably know what to choose, deep down. Many of us have just spent years ignoring it. Pushing it down. I really do think we have a lot to learn from those that haven't yet ignored their natural instincts.

From my sweet 5 year old I have learned "Full, but not real full." He says this after every meal. What he means is that he is satisfied, but not stuffed. What a concept, right?

From my awesome 7 year old I have learned that we just "Gotta get outside and play." Winters are hard for this son. He is quite the outdoors-man. The other day it was snowing and there was about a foot of snow on the ground. He donned his big coat, gloves, boots, hat, the whole spiel and tromped out into the elements. You see, it had been below zero for days and although snowing it was the first day it was warm enough to be outside. So he went, he played, he came back in happy.

From my wonderful teen I have learned that sleep is vital. If that boy does not get his sleep, whew, he's cranky. Hmm, he may get that from his mama. When he is well rested, he's my normal jokester kid. He is funny about his sleep, he came in the other day proudly proclaiming, "That is a record! I slept for 12 hours!" He'd been out late, and obviously we don't all need that much sleep, but you get the picture.

Imagine. If we all just followed these 3 things, daily. How much better would we feel? Eat just until we're satisfied, not stuffed. Get outside and play. Get our sleep. It really is that simple.