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You Don't Have to Have Deep Pockets

Yes, there are a lot of great books, DVDs, fitness games, etc out there, but if you can't afford to go out and buy them there are always options

Of course we can just go out for a walk. We can do things like jumping jacks and push ups. All free. 

As far as information goes, there's information overload online! 

There is always something we can do. And let's face it, something is always better than nothing.

Point being, finances are NOT an excuse to not live healthy. 

Case in point, my latest library haul:
These are all things I've been wanting to read/try lately, but didn't want to shell out the money for (yes, I'm cheap). There are many books/workouts I happily buy. But for things like Zumba, that I'm just not sure about, I'm ecstatic when I find them at the library to try first! Yes folks, that's a Zumba DVD in there. I'm not real big on dance workouts, but this one intrigues me. Sometimes you have to wait a while on a holds list, but if I wind up hating a workout, I'm so much better off being patient.

I also get a lot of workouts on Netflix. They have some on instant play and many more on DVD. I have tried many this way and then decided I didn't like them enough to buy. And a few I fell in love with and couldn't get on Amazon fast enough.

Have you checked out the myriad of fitness/weight loss/healthy living titles at your library or Netflix? What are your healthy living cheap tips?