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The 4-11

I just want to take a timeout for a very important person on a very important day...

Today, the love of my life turns 40.

On here I mostly call him 'hubby', but his name is Darran and he is awesome. 

He is my best friend. He is a fantastic father. He is an amazing husband. He is a hard worker. He is a good person...deep down in his heart good.

He loves playing Legos with his boys, he works very hard so that I can stay home and homeschool our kids, and he can fix anything (really, anything).

And I, well I feel beyond blessed to call him my own. My life is a better life because of him. I am a better me because of him.

While he doesn't always read this is HIS day and I wanted to share a bit of him with you all.

So, Dear, if you are reading this: I love you, you are awesome...and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I promise to stop teasing you about being old now...OK, I can't exactly promise that). Thank you for being you, and for giving me a safe place to be me.