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The Firm Express Thin in 30 Final Results and Review

I'll just jump right in for my review and results of The Firm Express Thin in 30! First, to the numbers.

Starting stats

Weight: 191
BF%: 35.9
Waist: 36.5
Right thigh: 23
Right calf: 15.25
Hips: 44
Right arm: 12.5

End of 4 Day Kick Start Stats

Weight: 189
BF%: 35.1
Waist: 36
Right thigh: 22.5
Right calf: 15.25
Hips: 44
Right arm: 12.5

Final (End of Thin in 30) Stats

Weight: 184
BF%: 34.1%
Waist: 35.5
Right thigh: 22
Right calf: 15
Hips: 43.5
Right arm: 12

So, all told, on The Firm Express I lost: 

7 Pounds
1.8% Body Fat
1" in my waist
1" in my right thigh
.25" in my right calf
.5" in my hips
.5" in my right arm

I am pleased with that. The inches really surprised me! Overall I'm happy with the results I got and pleased with the workouts. I did however have to tweak quite a bit to make it work for me.

Here is what I did differently:

I kept my calories in a range from 1400-1600. Mostly at the lower end the last week. This is what works for me. The plan recommendation for my weight was 1800. It worked the first week, but then I leveled off. Tweaking the calorie range kept results coming.

I added in more cardio. Days I did the scheduled Firm workouts I added on another The Firm Express cardio DVD and sometimes the Bonus DVD too. On scheduled 'off' days for the plan I ran, did extra The Firm Express Cardio DVD's, and occasionally threw in an Insanity or other cardio DVD workout that weren't from this set. Basically I did 40-60 minutes of exercise 5 or 6 days a week. For my fitness level and goals, this is what worked for me. I understand this may confuse plan results a little, but for me 20 minutes 3 days a week just wasn't enough for my goals. I actually could not handle just the 20 minutes for 3 days a week. Exercise is my stress relief, it's my me time, I missed it. So I did what was best for me.

Maybe those not looking to lose weight could stick to the original schedule? But for anyone else, the workouts are OK, I would just recommend doing more of them more days a week.

Final Thoughts on the plan and workouts:

I really loved The 4 Day Kick Start Plan. The meal plan really allowed me to find control over my food again and I enjoyed the stacked workouts. Maybe I should have stuck with this?

I liked the Thin in 30 meal plan, but like I said, I found I needed to adjust my calories to what worked for me. 

The workouts are still tough for me. Which is sort of weird, because I've done all kinds of tough workouts. I loved the combination of weights and cardio and also loved the 'burst' (8 seconds of intense exercise followed by 12 seconds lighter moves like marching in place) portions of the workouts, but struggled with the rest. As I said in my previous video, they just aren't what I'm used to (and not what I prefer) and I have had a hard time picking the moves up and keeping up. If fast paced workouts are not your thing, this set may not be for you. I am determined to do these DVDs well! I like a challenge and I want to get these down. That will probably be a project for me later in the summer. I'd like to get the moves down so that I can up my weights and see what my results are. Right now I'm not comfortable with heavier weights (that I'm used to in most workouts) because I'm struggling with the moves/form.

I don't think I would recommend this set to an absolute workout beginner. There isn't a lot of instruction on form and you really do need to watch your form closely when moving through these moves so quickly. It seems best if you already know good form on basic moves like squats, lunges, etc. Of course, you can always look these things up on You Tube or, but I still wouldn't say this is for an exercise beginner.

Overall my best recommendation for this set is probably my recommendation for any plan: know yourself and do what works best for YOU. Don't be a slave to any calendar, or plan. Make it work for you.

I give The Firm Express 3 stars. I just don't think most people will love the workouts, but if you're into The Firm you probably will. Also, I think 20 minutes 3 times a week isn't enough for most. If you love The Firm go for this, if not, there are better systems out there. Check out my review of Body Revolution.

I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of health professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, supplement, or new workout program.