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Adventures in Fitbloggin Day 1

What. A. Day. Seriously.

I really thought I was going to miss my flight this morning. 

I got up at 2:30 am, but still left in just enough time to make it. Mistake number one!

We went a few miles down the road and there was fog so thick you could barely see to drive. Then, I almost hit a deer. I’m sorry little deer, but the middle of the road, in the dark, in the fog, is just not the place for you. 

To top that, hubby tells me (as I'm trying to figure out why I can't see) the car has a headlight out. So brights were too bright to see in the fog, but dims were so dim I could barely see at all. I drove the whole way paranoid I was going to get pulled over for the headlight and definitely miss my flight.


I drove much too fast for such conditions, but still way too slow to get to the airport an hour and a half early as planned. Generally I shoot for 2 hours early, but the website said otherwise. Hindsight.

Next, we have to stop for gas! Can we say bad planning? Yes. There wasn’t enough gas in the car to make it to the airport. 

We got to the airport less than an hour from the time my flight was to leave. I checked my bag with Southwest and headed for security. LONG line. Long, long. 

By now I figured if it’s meant to be it’ll be, why sweat it?

I guess it was meant to be because I made it before everyone was boarded on the plane, and here I am now in Baltimore! Yay!

The room is super nice. Harbor view, a Keurig in my room. I could get used to this. I've found the Starbucks (priorities) and met some awesome people already!
More to come...