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It's My Birthday, I'll Giveaway If I Want To...

Hooooooray! I turn 35 today. 

I am celebrating me today. Yep. I am.

It feels awesome to be in a place in my life that I can say that...but this post isn't really about's about you!!

I want to say thank you to all of you for being so. danged. awesome.

My mom took the boys last night, so I slept in this morning. I lazily rolled out of bed at 8 am, hubby got me coffee (I know, right?), and I decided to check my blog/facebook/twitter. Oh. My. Goodness. I was overwhelmed by the love!

Thank you all for making my birthday so great!!

And, like I said...this post is really about you. Thanking you...all of my readers. Last year I started a little tradition on my blog for my birthday. While I do LOVE getting gifts on my birthday, I also like giving them. So every year on my birthday I hope to do a giveaway here. Not just any old thing, but things I love or that are meaningful to me. Maybe not fancy and expensive, but from me (there's your disclaimer FTC, this is not sponsored). 

This year I am giving away some of MY FAVORITE THINGS:

Love, Love, Love this book. It made me want to make my life story AMAZING.


e-nuf is e-nuf by essie

Trophy wife by essie
Random, maybe, but love these. My favorite is actually called Dive Bar, but it's more of a winter color ;)


Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

I love this so much I have the VHS!!

So, that'll be 3 winners: one for the book, one for the nail polishes, and one for the DVD.

To enter:
Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about my blog. Your favorite post, or thing I write about, etc...Also mention which item you're entering to win. (enter up to 3 times, once for each giveaway)

That's it! Winners will be chosen Wednesday June 29, 2011 at 5 pm mountain time.

Now, I'm off to make this an awesome birthday....