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What Do I Recommend?

Lately I've been getting more reader emails. Which I love. (Like, love love ;)

But I've noticed a theme amongst the questions I'm asked lately. That theme is my recommendations. I'm flattered that people care! I regularly do my Things I'm Loving Right Now videos, but don't always address these specific things. I will always try to answer every reader email I receive (except the pervs, nope, not gonna happen) but I figured I'd address these specific questions I've received a lot in a post. 

I'm no professional and I can only give MY opinion. But again, people are asking, in choosing these I asked myself: what do I love enough I'd recommend it to a friend? 

Single Workout DVDs

  1. Anything Jackie Warner. I won't list them, because I seriously love them all.
  2. Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones. I know people have mixed Jillian opinions, but I like these two workouts. I haven't tried her newer ones, so I can't give an opinion on those.
Workout Systems (Packages that come with workouts, diet plan, and sometimes more)
  1. Supreme 90 Day System, best value you can get IMO.
  2. ChaLEAN Extreme.
  3. TurboFire.
Beginner Workouts
I am working on finding something I could recommend here. Many of the workouts I've listed show beginner modifications, but a true beginner workout, I don't really have one to share.

'Diet' Books, Plans, Websites, etc (I put diet in quotes, because I think they are more healthy lifestyle plans here.)
  1. Body Confidence by Mark MacDonald. 
Running Shoes
  1. One word: PUMA. I won't recommend a specific shoe, because it varies by your preference and running mechanics, but this is my go-to brand.
Protein Powder
  1. With Stevia: Jay Robb.
  2. If other sweeteners don't bother you: BSN Lean Dessert Protein and Syntha 6.
Protein Bars
  1. 2:1 Protein Bars.
  2. Think Thin Bars.
  3. I also really like Titan High Protein Cookies by Premier Nutrition (the chocolate chip).
Heart Rate Monitors
  1. Polar. I've had 2 and love them. Specifically now I have the Polar RS300X with S1 foot pod (in orange, not that it really matters).
None of the above links are affiliate links, and no, I don't make a dime for this post or if anyone buys these things. That's not the point of this post.

I'm always trying and falling in love with new things, so I may do one of these posts every so often. 

How about you, what do you love enough you'd recommend it to us?? Did I miss a category, something you'd like me to add next time I do a post like this?

I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, supplement, or new workout program.