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Final 30 Day Paleo Diet Results and Weigh In

My 30 Day Paleo Diet Challenge results:
Week 1 Stats
Weight 177
BF% 32.4%
Waist 34.5
Right Thigh 21.5
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12
Week 2 Stats
Weight 176
BF% 32.2%
Waist 34
Right Thigh 21.25
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12
Hips 42.5
Week 3 Stats
Weight 176
BF% 31.8%
Waist 33.5
Right Thigh 21
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12
Hips 42
Week 4 Stats
Weight 176
BF% 31.4%
Waist 32.5
Right Thigh 20.5
Right Calf 14.25
Right Arm 12
Hips 41.75
Weight lost 1 pound
BF% down 1% (used an Omron BF Monitor, so results can vary. But it was as accurate as I had available)
Waist down 2 inches
Right Thigh down 1 inch
Right Calf down 1/2 an inch
Right Arm stayed the same
Hips down 3/4 an inch
Feeling fabulous? Priceless.

I am going to try to sum up my thoughts about Paleo without getting too wordy. Apparently I have a lot to say about it!

Before I get into my final thoughts on the Paleo Diet I want to discuss my why. Why did I decide to go Paleo? A couple of reasons.

First, my husband. He has narcolepsy and eating Paleo/Primal has changed his life. He is functioning at a level we never dreamed possible. All because he changed his diet. It made no sense for me to continue eating all the foods that make him feel horrible right in front of his face. He struggles sometimes with feeling like there is 'nothing he can eat'. It helps him out so much for me to be cooking completely Paleo and filling the house with yummy Paleo friendly fare. Plus, if it made him feel so great, why not me too?

Second, I know my body responds best and I feel overall best on a lower carb diet. When I get too high in my carb consumption I just feel like crap. All around my choice to go Paleo just seemed a win win for my entire family.

Now on to my final thoughts on this little going Paleo experiment:

The thing that amazed me most about eating this way was how great I felt. I've talked this point to death in past blogs and videos, so I'll keep it simple. I had more energy, was more clear-headed, and overall just felt fabulous. So much so that I have no desire to stray too far from this way of eating.

The weight loss results on this plan completely have me stumped. I started out to find out whether Paleo was hype or help for weight loss, remember? Well, I lost a pound on the scale. In a month that's not great. But the inches I lost were amazing. Two inches off my waist? Wow. I feel it too. I feel thinner all over. My clothes are fitting looser. I actually blame myself for the lackluster scale performance. I think I could have tweaked my diet and workouts a little more and had better scale results, but I got over the hump of 30 days eating this way without feeling deprived. Since I'm looking long term at eating Paleo that's a win to me! So, is it hype or help? I am going to say help. Big Time.

I think the mental/emotional benefits (for me, not making a blanket statement here) of this way of eating may trump everything else though. I haven't had to track calories. I do not feel panicky or obsessive about my eating or my weight. My urge to binge eat, compulsively eat, any of those previous self destructive behaviors, seem to be gone. Perhaps because I've removed all trigger foods from the house and I feel physically satiated from Paleo foods? Maybe because I don't get the blood sugar swings and feel famished or over-hungry ever? I'm not sure why. But, what I do know is that I feel like eating Paleo sets me up for success in all these areas. Is it all in my head? Could be. But it works for me. And that is good enough for me.

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Any questions about my little Paleo adventure?
If you're interested there are 3 weeks of daily vlogs on what I ate, etc at

Tomorrow I'll be off on my 30 day Primal challenge!

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